Baby Girls Names (Letter G)

Find out hundred more baby girl’s names, the meanings and origins (alphabet/letter G). They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gemma, Genesis, Georgia, Gianna, Grace, Gracie).

Names which are in the top 500 in United Stated: (Gabriela, Genevieve, Georgia, Giselle, Gloria, Guadalupe).

They are in List of Top 1000 in USA: (Gemma, Gia, Giada, Giana, Gillian, Gina, Giovanna, Gisselle, Giuliana, Gracelyn, Greta, Gretchen, Gwendolyn).

Baby girls names, the meanings and origins:

GABBYDerives from GabrielleBiblical
GABIDerives from GabrielaBiblical
GABRIELAForm Of Gabrielle Which Means Devoted To GodItalian
GABRIELLADerives from GabrielleSpanish
GABRIELLEDevoted to GodFrench
GABYDerives from GabrielleBiblical
GADALucky Biblical
GAELGaelic, from IrelandIrish
GAENORSmooth, Light ColoredWelsh
GAERWNWhite FortWelsh
GAETANAFrom GaetaItalian
GAETANEFrom Gaeta,Italian
GAFNAVine Biblical
GAIAEarth Latin
GAILShort for AbigailBiblical
GAILLEMerry Biblical
GAINELLHappy, ShinyAmerican
GALASinger Scandinavian
GALATEAWhite Greek
GALENAHealer Greek
GALIAGod Has RedeemedBiblical
GALIENAHigh OneGerman
GALLIAWherewithall, GallIrish
GALYAGod Has RedeemedBiblical
GAMADAGlad, PleasedAfrican
GAMMAThird Letter of Greek Alphabet Greek
GANESAGodess of Intelligence and Wisdom Hindu
GANESHSon of Lord ShivaIndian
GANGASacred riverIndian
GANYAGarden of The LordBiblical
GARANStork Welsh
GARDENIAFlower English
GARIFeminine of GaryGerman
GARIMAImportance Hindu
GARINName of an Old Armenian CityArmenian
GARLANDWreath of FlowersFrench
GARNETGem English
GARRENGuardian English
GASHAGood Russian
GAURAFair SkinnedHindu
GAURIFair, White.Hindu
GAVIVIMoney is SweetAfrican
GAVRILAGod is My StrengthBiblical
GAVRILLAHeroine Biblical
GAYMerry, HappyEnglish
GAYATRIGoddess SaraswatiIndian
GAYEMerry, HappyEnglish
GAYLEDerives from GailBiblical
GAYNELLHappy, ShinyAmerican
GAYORAValley of SunBiblical
GAZELLEGraceful, DeerLatin
GAZITHewn StoneBiblical
GEETAHoly book of the hindusIndian
GEFENVine Biblical
GEFJUNOne Who Endows WealthScandinavian
GELILAHRolling HillsBiblical
GELLAOne with Golden HairBiblical
GELSEYJasmine English
GEMAJewel Italian
GEMINIThe TwinsLatin
GEMMAPrecious StoneItalian
GENSpring Japanese
GENERAGeneric, The SameLatin
GENESISBeginning Biblical
GENEVAJuniper TreeFrench
GENEVIEVEWhite WaveFrench
GENICACombination Of Genevieve and JessicaAmerican
GENNADerives from GenevaIrish
GEONAGlorify Biblical
GEORGETTEFarmer French
GEORGIAFarmer Greek
GEORGIANNAGracious FarmerEnglish
GEORGIANNEGracious FarmerEnglish
GEORGINAFem. Form of GeorgeLatin
GERALDENEOne Who Rules by The SpearFrench
GERALDINEOne Who Rules by The SpearFrench
GERANIUMFlower Latin
GERDTo Be GuardedScandinavian
GERDAGuarded, ProtectedScandinavian
GERIDerives from GeraldineFrench
GERIANNECombination of Geraldine and Anne Unknown
GERMAINJermaine from Germany, A GermanFrench
GERMAINEA SproutFrench
GERSEMIJewel Scandinavian
GERTRUDEBeloved WarriorGerman
GEZANAReference to The IncarnationSpanish
GHADAYoung GirlPersian
GHALYELAPrecious African
GHITAPearl Greek
GIANNAForm of GiovannaItalian
GIGIBrilliant, TrustworthyFrench
GILDAGolden English
GILIMy Joy, RejoiceBiblical
GILLIANYouthful Irish
GIMBYAPrincess African
GINSilver Japanese
GINAShort for AngelinaItalian
GINATAFlower Italian
GINGERThe SpiceEnglish
GINNYDerives from VirginiaEnglish
GIOLLAServant Italian
GIONAA DoveItalian
GIOVANNAForm of JaneItalian
GIRIBALAGoddess ParvatiIndian
GIRIRAJGod of the mountainsIndian
GIRISHAGoddess ParvatiIndian
GISELADerives from GiselleFrench
GISELLEPledge German
GITASong Hindu
GITELGood Biblical
GITTELGood Biblical
GIULIAYouthful Italian
GIVERNYTown In FranceFrench
GIZAHewn StoneBiblical
GIZELAPledge Polish
GIZIPledge Hungarian
GLADYSLame Welsh
GLAINJewel Welsh
GLENDAHoly and GoodIrish
GLENNAValley, GlenIrish
GLENNISFrom The Valley or Glen English
GLENYSBeautiful & HolyIrish
GLORADerives from GloriaLatin
GLORIAGlory Latin
GLORIANNGive Praise with GraceAmerican
GLORYDerives from GloriaLatin
GLYNValley Welsh
GLYNISA Narrow ValleyIrish
GLYNNA ClearingIrish
GLYNNISDerives from GlynisIrish
GOLDAMade of GoldEnglish
GOLDIEDerives from GoldaEnglish
GOLDYDerives from GoldaEnglish
GOPAGautama's wifeIndian
GOPIMilkmaid friends of Lord KrishnaIndian
GORMAGoddess ParvatiIndian
GRACEGrace Biblical
GRACELANDLand of GraceAmerican
GRACIEDerives from GraceLatin
GRATIAGrace Italian
GRATIANAGrace Italian
GRAZIADerives from GraceSpanish
GREERWatchful, GuardianIrish
GRETAForm of GretchenGerman
GRETCHENForm for MargaretGerman
GRETELPearl Scandinavian
GRIETJELittle GirlDutch
GRIZELDAEndless PatienceGerman
GRYPHONMythological BeastGreek
GRYTAPearl Greek
GUADALUPERiver of Black StonesSpanish
GUDRUNBattler Scandinavian
GUILIAINEPleasant OathGerman
GUINEVEREWhite Wave.Welsh
GUINIVEREWhite WaveIrish
GUNDAFemale WarriorScandinavian
GURIHindu Goddess of PlentyHindu
GURITInnocent BabyBiblical
GUSTYRevered, WindyAmerican
GWENForm of GwendolynWelsh
GWENDOLYNFair HairedWelsh
GWENIFERWhite WaveWelsh
GWENLLIANWhite-Haired Welsh
GWENNANBlessed Welsh
GWYLANSeagull Welsh
GWYNWhite, FairWelsh
GWYNETHFortunate, BlessedWelsh
GYDAGods Scandinavian
GYPSYA Bohemian TravelerEnglish
GZIFAPeaceful OneAfrican

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