Baby Names Meaning "GIFT"

Find out list of baby names which mean "GIFT". These names used for males and females, originated from Swahili, African, Greek, English, Persian, Biblical, Hawaiian, Welsh, French and Indian background.


ADIA: Swahili, means (Gift)
BUNME: African (Bunmi My Gift)
CHIPO: African (Gift)
DASHA: Greek (Gift of God)
DORA: Greek (Gift)
DORE: Greek (A Gift)
DORI: Greek (Gift)
DOROTHY: Greek (Gift of God)
DORY: Greek (Gift of God)
DOT: Greek (Gift of God)
DOTTY: Greek (Gift of God)
EUDORA: Greek (Honored Gift)
EYDIE: English (Rich Gift)
FEDORA: Greek (Divine Gift)
HALLA: African (Unexpected Gift)
HEBA: Persian (Gifted)
ISADORA: Latin (Gift of Isis)
ISOKE: African (Gift from God)
JANET: English (God's Gracious Gift)
JERICA: American (Strong, a Gifted Ruler)
KEONA: Hawaiian (God's Gracious Gift)
MAKANA: Hawaiian (Gift)
MATEJA: French (Gift of God)
NATANIA: Biblical (Gift of God)
PANDORA: Greek (Gifted)
SHAYLA: Irish (Her Gift)
SIAN: Welsh (God's Gracious Gift)
SYNNOVE: Scandinavian (Sun Gift)
THEA: Greek (Gift of God)
TOTIE: English (Gift of God)
XARIA: American (Gift of Love)
AHANTI : Indian (Gift Ahanti)
ANANTI : Indian (Gift Ananti)
ATIYA : Indian (Gift Atiya)
ATTIYA : Indian (Gift Attiya)
DANNA : Indian (To give; gift Danna)
DEVMANI : Indian (Divine Gift Devmani)
HADIYA : Indian (Gift Hadiya)
HIBA : Indian (Gift Hiba)
MISHKA : Indian (Gift of love Mishka)
NAWAL : Indian (Gift Nawal)
PRISHA : Indian (Beloved; Loving; God's gift Prisha)
SANI : Indian (Gift Sani)
SIRI : Indian (Godess Lakshmi; Wealth; God's gift of love Siri)
TEJASVI : Indian (Energetic; Gifted; Brilliant Tejasvi)
UPKAR : Indian (Gift Upkar)


DAYSHAUN: American means (God's Gift of Hope)
DONATO: Italian (A Gift)
GEOFFREY: English (Gift of Peace)
HERCULES: Greek (Glorious Gift)
HOVAN: Armenian (God's Gift)
JEFFERY: English (Gift of Peace)
JEFFREY: English (Gift of Peace)
JOHNATHAN: Biblical (Gift of God)
JONATHAN: Biblical (Gift of God)
JONATHON: Biblical (Gift of God)
MATTHEW: Biblical (God's Gift)
MATTHIAS: Greek (God's Gift)
MEHRDAD: Persian (Gift of The Sun)
NAT: Biblical (Gift of God)
NATE: Biblical (Gift of God)
NATHAN: Biblical (God's Gift)
NATHANIEL: Biblical (Gift of God)
SHAUN: Irish (God's Gift)
SHAY: Irish (A Gift)
TED: English (Divine Gift)
TEDDY: English (Divine Gift)
TEDROS: African (Gift of God)
THEO: Greek (Divine Gift)
THEODORE: Greek (Gift of God)
TUDOR: Welsh (Divine Gift)
YANNIS: Biblical (Gift of God)
SAMBATHKRISHNA : Indian (A gift fom Lord Krishna)
SANIL : Indian (Gifted; Bestowed)
SUDAY : Indian (Gift)
VARIN : Indian (Gifts)


BRASEN: American means (God's Gift)
DIARA: African (Gift)
KIRABO: African (Gift from God)
MAKAIO: Hawaiian (Gift of God)
MATTOX: English (God's Gift)
SHAE: English (A Gift)
SHANNEN: Irish (God's Gracious Gift)
YANNI: Biblical (Gift of God)
YOHANCE: African (God's Gift)

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Iceshard24 on Tuesday, 03 July, 2012 said...

Dorielle means small gift.

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