Names that Mean "STRONG" for Boys

FIND out 50 strong names for boys here at SCBS Baby Blog: American, Armenian, Biblical, English, German, Greek, Hindu/Indian, Irish, Italian, Latin, Persian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, and African.

1. AJAX is a Greek name, means strong warrior
2. AENGUS: Celtic - means exceptionally strong
3. ANDREW: Biblical - means a strong man
4. ARNOLD: English - powerful eagle
5. ARNOLDO: Spanish - strong as an eagle
6. BARRY: Celtic, good marksman; or strong
7. BEARNARD: Scottish, bold; strong as a bear
8. BRAUN: German meaning powerful; strong one
9. BRIAN / BRYAN: Irish name, strong one
10. BRIONALD: Modern English, means strong advisor; champion

11. CARLOS / CAROLOS: Greek name meaning strong; manly
12. CEITHAN: English name means - firm; strong
13. CHACHA: African name meaning strong
14. EITAN: Biblical name meaning strong and staunch
15. EMMET: a German name that means strong worker
16. ENGEL: German name meaning strong-man
17. ERICK: English name meaning ever powerful ruler
18. EROL: Turkish name meaning strong, courageous
19. EVERETT: English name meaning wild boar, strong
19. ETHANAEL: English, means firm, strong gift of God
20. EYTAN: a Polish name, meaning firm, strong

Strong, powerful, and sturdy male names at

21. FEARGHUS: Irish name that is strong man
22. HARDY: German name, which is hardly, courageous, strong
23. HOWARD: a German name means of strong mind
24. KENJI: a Japanese name means strong; healthy second son
25. NERON: Spanish name that is strong
26. KRISHNA: Hindu name that is strong, erotic
27. LI: Chinese name that means strong; courageous son
28. PLATO: Greek name that is strong shoulders
29. RICO: Spanish name that is strong Ruler
30. TAUREAN: American name that is strong as a bull

31. TERRIAN: American that is physically strong, ambitious.
32. VAHE: Armenian baby boy name meaning strong
33. VALENTINO: It is an Italian, form of Valentin that means strong
34. VIRGIL: Latin baby boy name meaning strong
35. WARRICK: English boy name meaning strong leader
36. LEONARD: Teutonic boy name meaning strong-willed; strong-lion
37. LEONARDO: Portuguese or Spanish name - strong lion
38. NOAH: Hebrew baby boy name, means strong; rest; silent
39. QADIR: Arabic name, means powerful; capable; strong
40. SUBALI: Indian baby boy name meaning strong
41. RANDAL: English name - strong shield
42. RICARDO: Portuguese / Italian name: powerful ruler; hardy; strong
43. RICKY: English name, meaning hardy; strong
44. SUBALA: Indonesian name, means sturdy and strong

For Boys and Girls:

1. BROGAN: Irish, Sturdy and Strong
2. DENIM: American, strong Cloth
3. MATTY: German, strong Fighter
4. QUINLAN: Irish, Very Strong
5. SLOANE: Irish, strong Protector
6. ZEPHYR: Greek, strong Wind

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