135 Light Names for Females that mean "LIGHT"

Find out 135 LIGHT NAMES that mean light, lightning, delight, enlight and rays for FEMALES . These came from different cultures such as African, American, Armenian, Biblical, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hindu, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavic, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, Welsh

1. MHINA [African] means Delightful
2. ALLAYNA [American] means Light
3. PINK [American] means Light Red Color, Healthy
4. DAY [American] means Light and Hope
5. JALEN [American] means Bird of Light
6. LUCKY [American] means Fortunate, Light
7. LUCINE [Armenian] means Moonlight
8. ANNOT [Biblical] means Light
9. ARIN [Biblical] means Enlightened
10. ELIORA [Biblical] means God is My Light
11. LIORA [Biblical] means Light
12. MEIRA [Biblical] means Light
13. NEORAH [Biblical] means Light
14. OPHRAH [Biblical] means Light
15. ORALEE [Biblical] means Lord is My Light
16. ORLI [Biblical] means The Light is Mine
17. TIRZAH [Biblical] means Delight
18. URIT [Biblical] means Light
19. YITTA [Biblical] means Light
20. ZAHAR [Biblical] means Morning Light
21. NURI [Biblical] means Flaming Lights
22. ORLY [Biblical] means Light
23. URI [Biblical] means My Light

24. ELINOR [English] means Light
25. FARRAH [English] means Delightful
26. NORINA [English] means Light
27. LUCILLE [French] means Light
28. CHAMBRAY [German] means Light Fabric
29. ELANI [Greek] means Light
30. ELEANOR [Greek] means Ella Light
31. ELENA [Greek] means Light
32. ELLEN [Greek] means Light
33. ELLIE [Greek] means Light
34. HELEN [Greek] means Light, Helena
35. LENORE [Greek] means Light
36. LEONORA [Greek] means Light
37. LYCORIS [Greek] means Twilight
38. NELLIS [Greek] means Light
39. NITSA [Greek] means Light
40. NORA [Greek] means Light
41. ZANTHE [Greek] means Light Blond
42. ALAULA [Hawaiian] means Light of Dawn
43. MALANA [Hawaiian] means Light

44. JYOTIKA [Hindu] means Light, Flame
45. SITARA [Hindu] means Starlight
46. KIRAN [Hindu] means Ray of Light
47. LENCI [Hungarian] means Light
48. ONELLA [Hungarian] means Torch Light
49. AMIYA [Indian] means Delightful Amiya
50. ANWAAR [Indian] means Rays of light Anwaar Sinar
51. ATMIKHA [Indian] means Light of God Atmikha
52. BIJAL [Indian] means Lightening Bijal
53. BIJLI [Indian] means Lightening Bijli
54. CHANDANI [Indian] means Moon light Chandani
55. DAMINI [Indian] means Lightning Damini
56. DEEPA [Indian] means Light Deepa
57. DEEPAL [Indian] means Light Deepal
58. DEEPIKA [Indian] means Lamp; light Deepika
59. DEEPJYOTI [Indian] means the light of the lamp Deepjyoti
60. DEEPTI [Indian] means Full of Light Deepti
61. DIVYATA [Indian] means Divine lights Divyata
62. DYUTI [Indian] means Light Dyuti
63. FILZA [Indian] means Light Filza
64. HELA [Indian] means Moonlight Hela
65. HELENA [Indian] means Spiritual light Helena
66. HRADINI [Indian] means Lightening Hradini
67. IZNA [Indian] means Light Izna
68. JYOTHI [Indian] means Light Jyothi
69. JYOTI [Indian] means Light; Brilliant Jyoti
70. KAJRI [Indian] means Light as a cloud Kajri
71. KANTI [Indian] means Light Kanti
72. MADHUMATHI [Indian] means Delight moon Madhumathi
73. MALTI [Indian] means Moonlight Malti
74. MANAAR [Indian] means Guiding light (lighthouse) Manaar
75. MUNEERA [Indian] means Illuminating; Shedding light Muneera
76. NANDINI [Indian] means Goddess Durga; A delightful Goddess Nandini
77. NEERU [Indian] means Light Neeru
78. NOOR [Indian] means Light; Angel Noor
79. PRABHA [Indian] means Light Prabha
80. RAMYA [Indian] means Delightful Ramya
81. RASHMIKA [Indian] means A ray of light Rashmika
82. ROCHI [Indian] means Light Rochi
83. ROSHNI [Indian] means Light Roshni
84. RUCHI [Indian] means Light Ruchi
85. SANJOLI [Indian] means Period of twilight Sanjoli
86. SAUMYI [Indian] means Moonlight Saumyi
87. SHARVARI [Indian] means Twilight Sharvari
88. SURUCHI [Indian] means Delighting Suruchi
89. TVISHI [Indian] means Ray of light; Energy; Brilliance Tvishi
90. UJVALA [Indian] means Bright; Lighted Ujvala
91. USRA [Indian] means First light Usra
92. VASATIKA [Indian] means Morning light Vasatika
93. VENNELA [Indian] means Moonlight Vennela
94. VIBHA [Indian] means Light Vibha
95. VITI [Indian] means Light Viti
96. YARA [Indian] means The bright light Yara

97. EILEEN [Irish] means Ilene Form of Helen, Light
98. KENZIE [Irish] means Light Skinned
99. WYNNE [Irish] means Light Complexion
100. LINA [Italian] means Light
101. LUCIA [Italian] means Form of Lucy Which Means Light
102. LUCA [Italian] means Bringer of Light.
103. AKIKO [Japanese] means Bright Light
104. MITSU [Japanese] means Light
105. ELANA [Latin] means Light
106. JOCELYN [Latin] means Light Hearted
107. LEORA [Latin] means Light
108. LITA [Latin] means Light
109. LUCINDA [Latin] means Beautiful Light
110. LUCRECE [Latin] means Bringer of Light
111. LUCRETIA [Latin] means Full of Light
112. LUCY [Latin] means Light
113. LUMINA [Latin] means Of The Light, Glowing
114. LUKA [Latin] means Light

115. FARIDEH [Persian] means Unique, Delightful
116. FERYAL [Persian] means Beauty of Light
117. INARA [Persian] means Ray of Light - Heaven Sent
118. NOURA [Persian] means Inner Light
119. NURA [Persian] means Light
120. SANA [Persian] means Light
121. ZIYA [Persian] means Light
122. YELENA [Portuguese] means Light
123. LEYNA [Russian] means Bright and Shining Light
124. ELIN [Scandinavian] means Light
125. ALENA [Slavic] means Light
126. EVELINA [Slavic] means Light
127. JALENA [Slavic] means Light
128. LONNA [Slavic] means Light
129. SVETA [Slavic] means Bright Light
130. LUZ [Spanish] means Light
131. NURU [Swahili] means Light
132. AYSEL [Turkish] means Moonlight
133. GAENOR [Welsh] means Smooth, Light Colored
134. HEULWEN [Welsh] means Light from The Sun
135. WYNN [Welsh] means Light Complexion
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