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ADAIR means Noble.
ADDISON, means son of Adam.
AFRA means Female Deer.
AINSLEY / AINSLIE mean My Own Meadow.
ALBERTA means Noble.
ALDIS a name derived from The Old House.
ALICIA a name derived from a Noble Family.
ALODIE means Wealthy.
ANDREN a name derived from The Town of Ardres, France.
ANISE means Spice.
ANNICE / ANNIS, girl names derived from Agnes.
ANNISSA is form of Ann.
ARWEN means Muse.
ASH / ASHLEIGH / ASHLEY, names derived from The Ash Tree.

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ASHLING means Dream, Vision.
ASHTON means Ash Tree Settlement.
ASHTYN a name derived from The Ash Tree Town.
ASTER means Star.
AVERY means Nobility.
BABY means Baby.

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BAILEY means Bailiff, Steward.
BARR means Lawyer.
BAYLEE means Bailiff.
BEATRIX means Bringer of Joy.
BELISMA means River Goddess.
BERENICE means Victorious.
BEVERLY means Near The Meadow of The Beavers.
BLAKE means Pale.
BLISS means Perfect Joy.
BLITHE means Happy.
BLOSSOM means Flower-Like.
BLYTHE means Happy.
BRIAR means Shrub or Small Tree.
BRILANE a name derived from Brigham Lane.
BRINLY means Virtuous, Princess.
BRIT / BRITA, names derived from Brittania.
BRITAIN a name derived from Great Britain.
BRITANNIA means Great Britain.
BRITANY / Britney, Brittania, Brittany, Brittne and Brittney, names derived from Britain.
BROOK means Running Stream.
BROOKE / BROOKLYN means Brook, Stream.
BRYCE means Son of a Nobleman.
BRYONY means Vine with Small Blossoms.
CAMDYN means Winding Valley.
CARRINGTON means Town of The Marsh.
CARTER means Driver of a Cart.
CASHLIN means Vain.
CHANDLER means Candle Maker.
CHANNER means Wise.
CHARITY means Charity, Kindness.
CHARLENE derives from Charles.
CHASTITY means Purity.
CHAYLSE means Seaport.
CHELSA means Harbor.
CHELSEA / CHELSEY means Port of Ships.
CHICK derives from Charles.
CHINA a name derived from China.
CHRISSY derives from Christopher.
CHRISTMAS means Mass for Christ.
CHRISTY means Of Christ.
CHYNA derives from China.
CLARE means Clear.
CLEMENTINE means Merciful.
CLOVER means Meadow Flower.
COLBY means Dark Haired.
COMFORT means To Strengthen Greatly.
CONNIE derives from Constance.
CONSTANCE means Constant.
CORAL means Reef Formation.
CORBY means Dark as a Raven.
CORDELIA means Daughter of The Sea.
CORLISS derives from Carl or Carlisle.
COURTNEY a name derived from The Court.
COY or COYE means Woods.
CREDA means Faith.
CRESCENT means To Grow.
CRISTY derives from Christopher.
CWEN means Queen.
DALLON a name derived from Dale, a Valley.
DAMARA means Fertility Goddess.
DANA means Danish, from Denmark.
DARCIE means Of The Dark.
DARLA means Dear, Loved One.
DAYTON means Bright and Sunny Town.
DEVIN means Poet.
DEVON means Poet.
DEVONA means Protector.
DIAMOND means Brilliant Gem.
DUFF means Baker.
DUNNE means Brown.
DUSTY derives from Dustin.
EDALINE means Noble.
EDIE means Treasure.
EDITH means Happy.
EDOLIE means Noble.
EDWINA means Valuable Friend.
EDYTHE means Happy.
ELIE derives from Eleanor.
ELINOR means Light.
ELLERY means Elder Tree Island.
ELLETTE means Little Elf.
ELVINA is feminine of Elvin.
ETHEL means Noble.
ETHELDA means Noble.
EVELYN means Hazelnut.
EYDIE means Rich Gift.
FAIRLY means The Far Meadow.
FANCY means Decorated.
FARRAH means Delightful.
FARREN means Wanderer.
FAYLINN means Fairy Kingdom.
FAYRE means Beautiful.
FERN means A Fern Plant or See Ferdinand.
FLETA means Swift.
FOREST a name derived from The Woods.
GARDENIA means Flower.
GARNET means Gem.
GARREN means Guardian.
GAY / GAYE means Merry, Happy.
GELSEY means Jasmine.
GEORGIANNA or GEORGIANNE means Gracious Farmer.
GILDA means Golden.
GINGER means The Spice.
GINNY derives from Virginia.
GLENNIS a name derived from The Valley or Glen.
GOLDA means Made of Gold.
GOLDIE or GOLDY derives from Golda.
GYPSY means A Bohemian Traveler.
HAILE derives from Hayley.
HAILEY or HALEY means Hero.
HARPER means Harp Player.
HARVA means Warrior.
HAVYN is form of Haven.
HAYDEN means The Rosy Meadow.
HAYES a name derived from The Hedged Place.
HAYLEY derives from Haley.
HAZELLE derives from Hazel.
HEATHER means A Flowering Plant.
HEAVYNNE means Heaven.
HEDY derives from Hedda.
HOLIDAY means Festive Day.
HOLLACE means Var.Hollis, Near The Valley.
HOLLI derives from Holly.
HOLLIS means Near The Valley.
HOLLY means Plant with Red Berries.
HOLLYE derives from Holly.
HUNTER means One Who Hunts.
IDEN means Prosperous.
INDIA a name derived from India.
IRIA derives from Iris.
IRISA means Iris.
IVI means Ivy Plant.
IVIE derives from Ivy.
IVY means A Vine.
JAMESE a name derived from James.
JAN derives from Janet.
JANE means Gracious, Merciful.
JANET means God's Gracious Gift.
JAYME means James.
JEMMA means A Dove.
JENNA means Small Bird.
JENNELLE a name derived from Jenny and Nell.
JENNESSA a name derived from Jennifer and Vanessa.
JENNIE means White Wave.
JENNY derives from Jennifer.
JENSKI means Coming Home.
JERSEY a name derived from a Section of England.
JETTA means Black Gem.
JILL means Girl/Sweetheart.
JOANN / JOANNA derived from Joanne.
JOANNE means God is Gracious.
JOLENE means She Will Increase.
JULIANNE derives from Julia & Anne.
KEATON means Hawk's Town.
KENDA means Child of Clear, Cool Water.
KENDALL means Valley of The River Kent.
KENDRA means Water Baby, Magical.
KENLEY means Royal Meadow.
KENNICE means Beautiful.
KENYON means Blond, White-Haired.
KIANDRA a name derived from Kendra.
KIM means Ruler.
KIMBALL means Leader of The Warriors.
KIMBERLY or KIMN mean Ruler.
KINSEY means Offspring.
KIPLING means Cured Salmon.
KIPP means High Hill.
KOLTON means Coal Town.
KORDELL a name derived from Cordell.
LANDEN means Grassy Plain.
LANDRY means Rough Land.
LANE means Narrow Road.
LAUREL or LAURIE mean Crowned with Laurels.
LAVENDER means A Purple Flowering Plant.
LAYNE means Narrow Road.
LEANN means Combination of Lee and Ann.
LEANNA means Graceful Willow.
LEANNE means Gracious Plum.
LEIGH derives from Lee.
LEIGHANNA means Gracious, Poetic.
LILLIAN means Blend of Lily and Ann.
LINDLEY means Pasture.
LINDSAY / LINDSEY mean Linden Trees Near The Water.
LOCKE means Forest.
LONA means Lioness, Ready for Battle.
LONDON means Fortress of The Moon.
LORIN means Crowned with Laurel.
LORRETTA is diminuted of Loretta.
LOUVAIN means City In Belgium.
LOVETTE means Little Loved One.
LOYAL means Faithful, TRUE.
LYNDE a name derived from The Hill of Linden Trees..
LYNDON means Flexible.
LYNDSEY means Camp Near Stream.
LYNLEY means Meadow Near The Brook.
LYNNA means Waterfall.
LYNNE means Beautiful Waterfall.
LYNTON means Town Near The Brook.
LYRE means A Harp or Lyre.
MABEL means My Beautiful One.
MACY means Enduring.
MADDOX means Son of The Lord.
MADDY a name derived from Madeline.
MADISON means Son of Matthew.
MAHOGANY means Dark Red Wood.
MAITLAND means Meadow.
MALVINA means Chief.
MANNING means Son of Man.
MARCIE means Warlike.
MARIAN a name derived from Mary and Ann.
MARIGOLD means Golden Flower.
MARLI derives from Marilyn.
MARLO means Decendent of Mary.
MARLOW means Slope by The Pond.
MARLY derives from Marilyn.
MARRIM means Chinese Tribe.
MARTA derives from Martha.
MATTOX means God's Gift.
MAVIS means The Thrush.
MAYDA means Maiden.
MAYES means A Field.
MEAD a name derived from The Meadow.
MERCER means Merchant.
MERCIA means Mercy.
MERCY means Compassion.
MERRILL means Falcon.
MERRY derives from Meredith or Happy.
MERTON means Town Near The Pond.
MERYL means Falcon.
MILDRED means Mild Strength.
MILLER means Mill Worker.
MILLIE derives from Mildred.
MILLS means Near The Mills.
MILLY derives from Mildred.
MINTY means Collector Of Thoughts, Determined Protector.
MIZELL means Tiny Gnat.
MORE means Great.
MORLEY means Of The Moor.
MORRISON means Son of Morris.
NAN means Gracious.
NANCY means Gracious.
NELLIE a name derived from Helen.
NORINA means Light.
NOWLES means Forest Cove.
OAKES means Beside The Oak Trees.
OAKLEY means Field of Oak Trees.
ODELL means Otter.
OVERTON means The Upper Town.
PAGE means Youthful Assistant.
PALEY derives from Paul.
PALMER means Palm Bearer, Peacemaker.
PAPRIKA means Spice.
PARKER means Park Keeper.
PARLEY means To Speak.
PARRY means Son of Harry.
PARSON means Minister, Clergy.
PATIENCE a name derived from The Virtue.
PAYTON means Village of The Warrior.
PELHAM means Town of Fur Skin.
PEMBROKE means A Broken Hill.
PENN means Corral.
PETUNIA means Of The Petunia Flower.
PIPER means Flute Player.
PIPPA means Lover of Horses.
POSY means Small Flower.
PRENTICE means Beginner, Learning.
PRESLEY means Priest's Land.
PRESTON means Priest's Town.
PRINCESS means Royal Daughter.
PRISCA means Ancient, Old.
PRUDENCE means Cautious, Intelligent.
PRUE means Form of Prudence.
PURITY means Unsullied, Clean.
QUILLA means A Quill.
RAINE means Wise Ruler.
RALEIGH means Field of Birds.
RANDI means Wolf Shield.
RAVEN means Blackbrid.
REA means Brook.
REDELL means Red Meadow.
REDFORD means Over The Red River.
REED means A Reed or Red Haired.
REID means Red Headed.
RIDER means Farmer.
RIGG means Lives Near The Ridge.
ROBBIN means Famous Brilliance.
ROBERTA means Fem. Form of Robert, Brilliant.
ROBIN means Famous Brilliance.
ROBYN derives from Robin.
ROLLIN means Wolf.
ROSALIE a name derived from Rose and Lee.
ROSEMARY means Bitter Rose.
ROYAL means Of The King.
RUBY means A Ruby Jewel.
RYDER means Horseman.
RYLAND a name derived from The Rye Land.
SADIE means Princess.
SAFFRON means Yellow Flower.
SAGE a name derived from The Spice or Prophet.
SAWYER means Woodcutter.
SAXON means Germanic Tribe.
SAXTON means Swordsman.
SCARLETT means Red.
SEBILLE means A Fairy.
SERENITY means Peaceful Disposition.
SHADOW means Shade from Sun.
SHAE means A Gift.
SHARONA means Flat Clearing.
SHELBY means A Sheltered Town.
SHELLEY means Form of Michelle, Meadow on a Ledge.
SHELLY means Meadow on a Ledge.
SHERYL means Charity.
SHIRLEY / SHIRLYN means Bright Meadow.
SIBLEY means Brother or Sister.
SPENCER means Administrator.
STACY means Resurrection.
SUZANNE means Lily.
TACEY means Silent, Calm.
TAITE means Cheerful.
TAMBRE means Great Joy, Music.
TANNAR means Leather Worker.
TATE means He Who Brings Happiness.
TATUM means Cheerful.
TAYA derives from Taylor.
TAYLOR means Tailor.
TEMPLE means A Sanctuary.
TERENA a name derived from Terence.
TERYL means Bright and Vivacious.
THANE means Landowner.
TILLY a name derived from Tilden or Matilda.
TOPPER means Hill.
TOTIE means Gift of God.
TRACE, Tracey, Traci, and Traci mean Brave.
TRESS means Long Hair.
TREVA means Homestead Near The Sea.
TRILBY means A Soft Hat.
TRULY means true.
TWILA, Twyla mean Third.
TYLER means Tile Maker.
TYME means Thyme Herb.
TYNE means A River.
VAIL means Valley.
VALIANT means Brave.
VAUGHAN derives from Vaughn.
VAUGHN means Small.
VIAN means Full of Life.
VINE means Vineyard Worker.
WALKER means Forest Walker.
WALLIS a name derived from Wales.
WAVERLY means Quaking Aspen.
WHITLEY means A Small Field.
WHITNEY means White Island.
WILEY means Of The Willows.
WILLOW a name derived from The Willow Tree.
WILONA means Hoped For.
WREN means Small Bird.
YALE means Mountain Goat.
YANCY: Englishman.
YARDLEY means Of The Yard.
YATES, an English girl name that means Gates.

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