List of 183 Spanish Baby Girls Names

Here are 183 Spanish names for baby girls names and their meanings.

ABRIENDA means Opening.
ADALIA means Noble.
ALAMEDA means Poplar Tree.
ALEGRIA means Happiness, Cheerful.
ALETTA means Winged One.
ALIDA means Alita Noble / Small, Winged.
ALLEGRA means Joy.
ALVA2 means White.
AMOR or AMORA means Love.
ANDEANA means Leaving.
ANJELITA means Heavenly Messenger.
ARAMA, of the Virgin Mary.
ARCELIA means Treasure.
AZURA means Sky Blue.
BELICIA means Dedicated to God.
BELINDA means Beautiful.
BELITA means Beautiful.
BLANCA means White.
BONITA means Pretty, Beautiful.
CALIDA means Warm.
CARLOTA derives from Charlotte or Caroline.
CARMELITA derives from Carmel.
CARMINDA means Beautiful Song.
CASTEL means To The Castle.
CELERINA means Quick.
CHARO means Farmer.
CHIQUITA means Little Girl.
CONSUELA / CONSUELO means Consolation.
CORAZON means Heart.
DAMITA means Baby Princess.
DES or DESI which mean Desire.
DOLORES means Lady of Sorrows.
DORINDA means Talented.
DUENA means Protect The Companion.
EDITA derives from Edith.
ELDORA means Golden.
ELISA, form of Elizabeth.
ELLA means She.
ELVIRA means Elfin.
ESMA, form of Esmeralda.
ESMERALDA, form of Emerald.
ESMERELDA means Emerald, Jewel.
ESPERANZA means Hope.
ESTEFANI, form of Stephanie.
ESTRALITA means Little Star.
ESTRELLA means Star.
EVITA derives from Eve.
FIDELIA means Faithful.
FIDELINA means Little Faithful One.
FLORAMARIA means Flower of Mary.
FLORIDA means Flowering.
FONDA means The Earth, Grounded.
FREIRA means Sister.
GABRIELLA derives from Gabrielle.
GEZANA means Reference to The Incarnation.
GRAZIA derives from Grace.
GUADALUPE means River of Black Stones.
GUILLERMINA means Loving.
INEZ means Meek.
INOCENCIA means Innocent.
ISABEL / ISI means Consecrated to God.
JACINDA, form of Hyacinth.
JACINTA means Purple.
JADE means Green Gemstone.
JAIME derives from James, Jamee
JOSEFINA, form of Josephine.
JOYCETA means Little Joy.
JUANDALYNN, from word Gwendolyn.
JUANITA means Consecrated to God.
JULIANA means Soft-Haired.
KIKI short for names beginning with K.
KITA is a translation of Kitty.
LA means Cienega The Swamp, Marshes.
LADONNA means The Woman.
LAREINA means The Queen.
LELA means Lofty.
LENORA derives from Leona.
LINDA is a Spanish girl name means Pretty One.
LINDY derives from Lindsey or Linda.
LLUVIA means Rain.
LOLA, form of Louise.
LOLITA means Sorrowful.
LUCITA, form of Lucy.
LUISA, form of Louisa.
LUPE / LUPITA derived from Guadalupe.
LUZ means Light.
MADRONA means Mother.
MAGDALENA is a woman from Magdala.
MAHOGONY means Rich.
MALAYA means Free.
MAR means The Sea.
MARGARITA, form of Margaret.
MARIA, form of Mary.
MARIANA is combination names of Mary and Ann.
MARIBEL means Bitter; Consecrated to God.
MARISOL means Sunny Sea.
MATIA means From Matilda.
MATIAS varian of Matthias.
MELOSA means Sweetlike.
MERCEDES means Merciful.
MIRABEL means Of Uncommon Beauty.
MONITA means Noble.
MORA means Sweet Berry.
MOYA means Great.
NAOLIN means Aztec God of The Sun.
NATIVIDAD of the Nativity.
NERITA means Sea Snail.
NEVA means Snow.
NEVADA means Covered In Snow.
NIEVE means Snowy.
NINA means Girl.
NITA means God is Giving.
NOVIA means New, Girlfriend.
OIHANE, from the Forest.
ORA means Gold.
PABLA derives from Pauline.
PALMA means Palm.
PALOMA means A Dove.
PATIA means Leaf.
PAZ means Peace or Gold.
PILAR means Pillar of Strength.
PRESENCIA means Presence.
PRESTA means Hurry, Quick.
PRIMAVERA means Springtime.
RAMONA means Wise Protector.
REIA / REINA / REYA mean Queen.
REYNA means Peaceful, Queen.
RITA, from Margarita.
ROANA means Reddish-Brown Skin.
ROJA means Red.
ROSALIA is a common female name that means Rose Garlands.
ROZ derives from Rosalind.
SALMA means Ambitious.
SANCHA means Holy.
SAVANNA means Open Plain.
SAVANNAH means Treeless Plain.
SENALDA means A Sign, Symbol.
SENONA means Lively.
SIERRA means Mountain.
SOLEDAD means Solitary.
SONORA means Pleasant Sounding.
TEA means Princess, Aunt.
TEJANA means Texan Female.
TERESA means Harvester
TIA means Aunt.
TIBURON means Shark.
TOYA, form of Tory.
TRANQUILLA means Calm, Tranquil.
TRELLA, a name from Estrella
TULIA means Destined for Glory.
USOA means Dove.
VALENCIA, a popular Spanish name that means Strong.
VENTANA means Window.
VENTURA means Good Fortune.
VERDA means Truth.
VERDAD means Truthful.
VETA means Intelligent.
VIANCA, form of Bianca.
VINA, a name from the Vineyard.
XALVADORA means Savior.
XAVIERA means Owner of a New House.
XIOMARA means Ready for Battle.
XUXA means Queen.
ZAMORA means From The City Zamora.
ZARITA means Princess.
ZAVIERA means Owner of The Home.
ZITA means The Seeker.
ZURINA is a Spanish baby girl names that means White.

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