Hundreds of French Baby Girl Names-Meanings

Hundreds of French baby girl names and their meanings:

FAWN: (Young Deer)
GARLAND: (Wreath of Flowers)
TONI: (Worthy of Praise)
CHARLOT: (Womanly, Feminine)
CHARLIZE: (Womanly)
ELLE: (Woman, Girl)
FAUVE: (Wild and Uninhibited)
MICHELLE: (Who is Like God?)
MICHELINE: (Who is Like God)
GENEVIEVE: (White Wave)
CHANTON: (We Sing)
SHANTON: (We Sing)
OUIDA: (Warrior Woman)
MARTINE: (Warlike One)
YOLAND: (Violet Flower)
NICOLE: (Victory of The People)
COSETTE: (Victorious People)
NICHOLE: is a Greek/French baby girl name meaning (Victorious)
ALAYNA: (Var. of Alaina Fair One)
GIVERNY: (Town In France)
BELONGING: (To The Lord)
JACLYN: (To Protect)
VALLERIE: (To Be Strong)
VERONIQUE: (The Truth)
SUSETTE: (Suzette Forms of Susan)
JOCELIN: (Supplanter)
SOLANGE: (Sun Angel/Earth Angel)
ETOILE: (Star)
AXELLE: (Source of All Life)
CYBILLE: (Soothsayer)
MELODIE: (Song, Melody)
JULIET: (Soft-Haired)
JULIETTE: (Soft Haired)
SATIN: (Smooth Fabric)
VILLETTE: (Small Village)
MIETTE: (Small Sweet Thing)
PIERA: (Small Rock)
FIFI: (Short for Josephine)
MIRIELLE: (She is Bitter)
CHANTE: (Shanta Song)
WAS: (Seen)
CHANTAL: (Rocky Land or Song)
CHANTEL: (Rocky Land or Singer)
RIVA: (River Bank)
RENAE: (Renee Born Again)
RENEE: (Reborn)
VIOLET: (Purple/Blue Flower)
NORMANDY: (Provence In France)
ARMELLE: (Princess)
JOLIE: (Pretty)
AMBER: is an American/French baby girl name meaning (Precious Jewel)
JEWEL: (Precious Gem)
MINJONET: (Petite Blue Flower)
MARGO: (Pearl)
MARGOT: (Pearl)
PASCALE: (Passover/Easter)
FLOURISHING: (Or Praiseworthy)
GERALDENE: (One Who Rules by The Spear)
OLYMPE: (Olympian)
MIRABELLE: (Of Wondrous Beauty)
ODETTE: (Ode, Melodic)
XAVIERE: (New House)
IPHIGENIE: (Mythical Creature)
CELINE: (Moon)
SELENE: (Moon)
CLEMANCE: (Merciful)
MARVELA: (Marvelous)
CORINA: (Maiden)
LEALA: (Loyal)
CARESSA: (Loving Touch)
BIBIANE: (Lively)
LUNETTE: (Little Moon)
CORALIE: (Little Maiden)
SUZETTE: (Little Lily)
DARLENE: (Little Darling)
MARIETTE: (Little Bitter)
LYNETTE: (Little Beauty)
SHARLA: (Little and Womanly Form Od Charlotte)
SUSANE: (Lily)
LAVERNE: (Like The Spring, Verna Grove of Alder Trees)
LEONTYNE: (Like a Lion)
LUCILLE: (Light)
GENEVA: (Juniper Tree)
JOIE: (Joy)
JOSEPHINE: (Josette God Will Add or Increase)
JESSAMINE: (Jasmine)
JACQUELINE: (Jacqueline Or Jae Supplanter, Substitute, to protect)
ISABEAU: (Isabelle Form Of Isabel, Which Means Consecrated To God)
AMELIE: (Industrious, Admiring)
EMELE: (Industrious, Admiring)
MALLORY: (Ill-Omened, Mallorie Unlucky)
MALLORIE: (Ill-Omened)
CHU: (Hua Chrysanthemum)
CAYENNE: (Hot Spice)
NADINE: (Hopeful)
MELISANDE: (Honey Bee)
BERTILLE: (Heroine)
CELESTYN: (Heaven)
EVELIA: (Hazelnut)
AVELINE: (Hazel)
ANCELIN: (Handmaid)
MAXIME: (Greatest)
ANNETTE: (Gracious)
NANETTE: (Gracious)
CHARISSE: (Grace, Beauty, Kindness)
ANNABEL: (Grace and Beauty)
ANNABELLE: (Grace and Beauty)
DIOR: (Golden)
JOELLE: (God is Willing)
DANIELLE: (God is My Judge)
JANETTE: (God is Gracious)
EMANUELE: (God In Humankind)
MATEJA: (Gift of God)
THERESE: (From Theresia)
DIXIE: (From The South In The U.S.)
MAGNOLIA: (From The Flower)
LORRAINE: (From Lorraine)
JACKIE: (From Jacqueline or Jaclyn)
JACQUI: (From Jacqueline or Jaclyn)
YVONNE: (From Eve and Anna, Yvette Young Archer)
DIONNE: (From Diana)
COLIGNY: (From Cologne)
AURORETTE: (From Aurora)
AUDRA: (From Audrey)
ALSATIA: (From Alsace-Loraine Area of France)
AMI: (Friend)
DOMINIQUE: (Forms Of Dominca, Which Means Belonging To The Lord)
YVETTE: (Form of Yvonne)
VIRGINIE: (Form of Virginia, Which Means Pure)
RAQUEL: (Form of Rachel)
PIER: (Form of Pierre)
MONIQUE: (Form of Monica)
MIMI: (Form of Miriam)
MARIE: (Form of Mary)
MARGAUX: (Form of Margaret)
ELOISE: (Form of Louise)
JANELLE: (Form of Jane)
ELAINE: (Form of Helen)
FRANCINE: (Form of Frances)
EVALINE: (Form of Evelyn)
LAINEY: (Form of Elaine)
CLODIA: (Form of Claudia)
CHRISTA: (Form of Christina)
SHANTA: (Form of Chantal, Which Means Song)
CHARMAINE: (Form of Carmen)
BRIGETTE: (Form Of Bridget, Which Means Strong)
BLANCHE: (Form of Bianca)
BERNADETTE: (Form Of Bernadine, Which Means Brave As A Bear)
BABETTE: (Form of Barbara, Meaning Stranger)
NINON: (Form of Anne)
ANGELIQUE: (Form of Angela, Which Means Angel)
TALLIS: (Forest)
TALLYS: (Forest)
DENISE: (Follower of Dionysus In Mythology)
FLEUR: (Flower)
SIDONIE: (Flower)
ANTOINETTE: (Flourishing, Praiseworthy)
SIMONE: (Feminine Form of Simon)
ARMINE: (Feminine for Herman)
CHARLOTTE: (Feminine)
RICHELLE: (Fem. Form of Richard)
ANTONIE: (Fem. Form of Anthony)
CHARLEEN: (FemCharles)
CAPRICE: (Fanciful)
HELOISE: (Famous Fighter)
FAY: (Fairy or Elf)
FAYE: (Fairy)
ALAINA: (Fair One)
BLONDELLE: (Fair Haired)
BRIELLE: (Exalted Goddess)
NAEVA: (Evening)
SALENE: (Dignified One)
GABRIELLE: (Devoted to God)
DIDINA: (Desired; Beloved.)
DESIREE: (Deserae Desired)
JORDANE: (Descendant)
SYLVIE: (Derives from Sylvia)
SUSIE: (Derives from Susan)
SUZY: (Derives from Susan)
PIERRETTE: (Derives from Pierre)
PAULINE: (Derives from Paul)
COLETTE: (Derives from Nicole)
NICOLETTE: (Derives from Nicole)
NATHALIE: (Derives from Natalie)
MATHILDE: (Derives from Matilda)
MARIANNE: (Derives from Mary and Anna)
MADELEINE: (Derives from Madeline)
MAUDE: (Derives from Madeline)
LUCIE: (Derives from Lucille)
LACY: (Derives from Larissa)
GISELA: (Derives from Giselle)
GERI: (Derives from Geraldine)
JERI: (Derives from Geraldine)
EVONNE: (Derives from Eve and Anna)
EVETTE: (Derives from Eve)
CORINE: (Derives from Corinne)
CHERI: (Derives from Cheryl)
SHARLENE: (Derives from Charles)
BRIGITTE: (Derives from Bridget)
MIGNON: (Delicate, Graceful)
MORIAH: (Dark Skinned)
NARCISSE: (Daffodil)
LAUREN: (Crowned with Laurel)
ANDIE: (Courageous)
ISABELLE: (Consecrated to God)
LISETTE: (Consecrated to God)
CLAIRE: (Clear, Bright)
CLARAL: (Clear, Bright)
CLARICE: (Clear, Bright)
TALON: (Claw)
CALAIS: (City In France)
ELITA: (Choosen)
CHANEL: (Channel)
PARIS: (Capital of France)
BEATRICE: (Bringer of Joy)
GIGI: (Brilliant, Trustworthy)
LIANA: (Bound or Wrapped Up)
MARDI: (Born on Tuesday)
RENATA: (Born Anew)
AUBRIE: (Blond Ruler)
CECILE: (Blind)
MERLE: (Blackbird)
ROSEMARIE: (Bitter Flower)
MANON: (Bitter)
AVIAN: (Bird-Like)
CARESSE: (Beloved)
CHER: (Beloved)
CHERIE: (Beloved)
CHERYL: (Beloved)
LINETTE: (Beautiful Girl)
BELLE: (Beautiful)
FABIENNE: (Bean Grower)
BEBE: (Baby)
PAIGE: (Assistant)
BRAVE: (As a Bear)
ARIANE: (Arianne)
AVRIL: (April)
AIMEE: (Ami, Amie, Loved)
EMILIE: (Ambitious, Industrious)
PLEASANCE: (Agreeable)
ABRIAL: (Abrielle, Abril Open)
GERMAINE: (A Sprout)
BRIE: (A Region In France Known For Its Cheese)
LYDIE: (A Maiden from Lydia, Greece)
CORIN: (A Maiden)
EMERALD: (A Bright Green Gem)
LOURDES: ( Section Of France Where Virgin Mary Was Seen)


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