Baby Names Meaning "QUICK, QUIET, RADIAN"

Find out list of baby names which mean "QUICK, QUIET, RADIAN". These names for males and females originated from Spanish, Hindu, African, American, Japanese, Italian, Hindu and Indian background.

- CELERINA: Spanish female name meaning Quick
- PRESTA: Spanish female name meaning Hurry, Quick
- RANHITA : Indian female name meaning Quick Ranhita

- BALLARI: Hindu female name meaning Walking Quietly
- KAFI: African female name meaning Quiet
- LAQUETA: American female name meaning The Quiet One
- KIOSHI: Japanese male name meaning Quiet
- NIRAV: Hindu male name meaning Quiet
- PLACIDO: Italian male name meaning Calm, Quiet
- STILLMAN: English male name meaning Quiet, Gentle
- ZALMAN: Biblical male name meaning Peaceful & Quiet
- KIYOSHI: Japanese unisex name meaning Quiet Child
- SHOUMO : Indian female name meaning The quiet one; The learned one Shoumo
- SUSHANT : Indian male name meaning Quiet

- SUCHI: Hindu female name meaning Radiant Glow
- TALIESIN: Welsh male name meaning Radiant Brow
- BAHIYAA : Indian female name meaning Beautiful; Radiant Bahiyaa
- PRADYUN : Indian male name meaning Radiant
- RUCHIR : Indian male name meaning Radiant
- THWISHAA : Indian female name meaning Radiance; Brightness; Beauty Thwishaa


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