Baby Girls Names (Letter P)

Are you curious about the meaning and origins of baby girl's names? Here, hundred more baby girl’s names, the meanings and origins (alphabet/letter P) to choose according to your taste. They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Paige, Payton, Peyton, Phoebe, Piper, Poppy).

Names which are in the top 500 in United Stated: (Paisley, Paola, Paris, Patricia, Penelope, Perla, Phoebe, Piper, Presley and Priscilla).

They are in List of Top 1000 in USA: (Paityn, Paloma, Pamela, Parker, Patience, Paula, Paulina, Payten, Phoenix, Precious, Princess).

Baby girls names, the meanings and origins:

PABLADerives from PaulineSpanish
PADMAGoddess Hindu
PADMAJAGoddess LaxmiIndian
PADMINISHLord of lotuses; SunIndian
PAGEYouthful AssistantEnglish
PAHANALost White BrotherNative American
PAIGEAssistant French
PAISLEYFashion Teardrop PrintIrish
PAIVAGod of The SunScandinavian
PAKACat African
PALANIFree ManHawaiian
PALESAFlower African
PALEYDerives from PaulEnglish
PALILABird Hawaiian
PALLASUnderstanding Greek
PALLAVINew LeavesHindu
PALMAPalm Spanish
PALMERPalm Bearer, PeacemakerEnglish
PALOMAA DoveSpanish
PALTIMy Escape, DeliveranceBiblical
PAMHoney Greek
PAMELAHoney Greek
PAMELIACovered with HoneyGreek
PANDORAGifted Greek
PANIZSugar Persian
PANKAJANLotus; Lord VishnuIndian
PANTHEAOf All GodsGreek
PANYAA Twin ChildAfrican
PANYINOlder TwinAfrican
PAOLAForm of PaulaItalian
PAPRIKASpice English
PARANJAYLord of the seaIndian
PARASTouchstone Hindu
PARASHARA renowned saintIndian
PARISCapital of FranceFrench
PARKCypress TreeChinese
PARKERPark KeeperEnglish
PARKINYoung PeterIrish
PARLANDerives from BartholomewIrish
PARLEYTo SpeakEnglish
PARMIDAPrincess Persian
PARRISHNeighborhood Greek
PARRYSon of HarryEnglish
PARSONMinister, ClergyEnglish
PARTHAVIGoddess SitaIndian
PARVANIFull MoonHindu
PARVENEHButterfly Persian
PARVESHLord of celebrationsIndian
PASCALEPassover/Easter French
PASCHATo Pass Over, Born on EasterSlavic
PASHATo Pass Over, Born on EasterGreek
PATOf Noble DescentGreek
PATALAGoddess DurgaIndian
PATIALeaf Spanish
PATIENCEFrom The VirtueEnglish
PATRICEOf Noble DescentLatin
PATRICIAOf Noble DescentLatin
PATSYDerives from PatriciaLatin
PATTYDerives from PatriciaLatin
PAULASmall Latin
PAULETTESmall French
PAULINADerives from PaulineLatin
PAULINEDerives from PaulFrench
PAVAKIGoddess SaraswatiIndian
PAVANIGoddess GangaIndian
PAXPeace Greek
PAXTONTown of PeaceLatin
PAYTONVillage of The WarriorEnglish
PAZPeace or GoldSpanish
PEARLA Gem of The Sea Latin
PEARLIEJewel Latin
PEARLYA JewelGreek
PEBBLESSmall RocksAmerican
PEGEENFrom Margaret-A PearlIrish
PEGGYForm of MargaretGreek
PEIGIPearl Irish
PELHAMTown of Fur SkinEnglish
PEMBROKEA Broken HillEnglish
PENDALoved Slavic
PENELOPEDream WeaverGreek
PENHABeloved Swahili
PENNCorral English
PENNEYSilent Worker (From Penelope)Greek
PENNIESilent Worker (From Penelope)Greek
PENNYSilent Worker (From Penelope)Greek
PEONYPhysician of The GodsGreek
PEPPERFrom The Pepper PlantAmerican
PERDITALost WomanLatin
PERDYFrom PerditaLatin
PEREGRINEWanderer Latin
PERILives In The MountainsGreek
PERRINTraveler Latin
PERSEPHONEDaughter of DemetraGreek
PETRASmall RockGreek
PETULAImpatient Latin
PETUNIAOf The Petunia FlowerEnglish
PEYTONForm of PatriciaIrish
PHAEDRAGlowing Greek
PHAILINSapphire Thai
PHENYOVictory African
PHIALAIrish SaintIrish
PHILALove Greek
PHILANALover of MankindGreek
PHILANTHALover of FlowersGreek
PHILENALover of MankindGreek
PHILIPPALoving - Fem. of Phillip Greek
PHILYRATo Love MusicGreek
PHOEBEBright, Shining OneGreek
PHOENIXRising BirdGreek
PHUONGPhoenix Vietnamese
PHYLICIAFortunate Greek
PHYLISSGreen LeafGreek
PHYLLISGreen LeafGreek
PHYREBurning BrightArmenian
PIADevout Italian
PIERForm of PierreFrench
PIERASmall RockFrench
PIERCEForm of PeterFrench
PIERRETTEDerives from PierreFrench
PILARPillar of StrengthSpanish
PILIALOHABeloved Hawaiian
PILISHorse LoverHawaiian
PILLANGod of Stormy WeatherNative American
PINAKBow of Lord ShivaIndian
PINGDuckweed Chinese
PINGAGoddess DurgaIndian
PINGLAGoddess DurgaIndian
PINKLight Red Color, HealthyAmerican
PIPERFlute PlayerEnglish
PIPERELPiper, FlutistFrench
PIPPALover of HorsesEnglish
PIRRORed-Haired Greek
PISCESThe FishLatin
PLATTGround Without SlopeFrench
PLEASANCEAgreeable French
POLLYBitter Latin
POMONAApple Greek
POOKYLittle Cute PersonAmerican
POONISHLord of the piousIndian
POPPYFrom The FlowerLatin
PORSCHEOffering German
PORTERDoor GuardLatin
PORTIARoman Clan NameLatin
POSYSmall FlowerEnglish
PRADYUMNAGod of loveIndian
PRAGALBHAGoddess DurgaIndian
PRAJNAGoddess SaraswatiIndian
PRANESHLord of lifeIndian
PRECIOUSPrecious OneAmerican
PREMALove Persian
PREMALALoving Hindu
PRENTICEBeginner, LearningEnglish
PRESENCIAPresence Spanish
PRESLEYPriest's LandEnglish
PRESTAHurry, QuickSpanish
PRESTONPriest's TownEnglish
PRIMAVERASpringtime Spanish
PRINCESSRoyal DaughterEnglish
PRISCAAncient, OldEnglish
PRISCILLAAncient Latin
PRITESHLord of loveIndian
PRITHAMother of Pandavas- KuntiIndian
PRITHISHLord of the worldIndian
PROSPERFortune Latin
PRUDENCECautious, IntelligentEnglish
PRUEForm of PrudenceEnglish
PRUNELLALittle PlumLatin
PSYCHEThe SoulGreek
PULIKAObedience African
PURITYUnsullied, CleanEnglish
PUSHPESHLord of flowersIndian

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