Baby Girls Names (Letter O)

Here, baby girl’s names, the meanings and origins (alphabet/letter O). They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Olivia, Orla, Orlaith). while "Olive" is in the list of Top 1000 baby given name in USA.

Baby girls names, the meanings and origins:

OAKESBeside The Oak TreesEnglish
OAKLEYField of Oak TreesEnglish
OBEDIENCETo ObeyAmerican
OBELIANeedle Greek
OBERONBear HeartGerman
OBERTWealthy German
OCEANSea Greek
OCEANAFrom The SeaGreek
OCTAVIAThe EighthLatin
ODEDAStrong Biblical
ODELEWealthy, MelodyGreek
ODELIAI Will Praise GodGreek
ODELLOtter English
ODESSAThe OdysseyLatin
ODETTAOde French
ODETTEOde, MelodicFrench
ODINSupreme GodScandinavian
ODINAMountain Latin
OFGod French
OFIRAGold Biblical
OHIOLarge RiverNative American
OIHANEFrom The ForestSpanish
OISTINVenerable Latin
OJALVision Hindu
OKALTo CrossAfrican
OKALANIHeaven Hawaiian
OKAPIAnimal with Long NeckAfrican
OKEForm of OscarHawaiian
OKIOcean CenteredJapanese
OKOTHBorn When It Was Raining African
OKSANAGod is with UsSlavic
OLESIAProtector of HumanityPolish
OLGAHoly Slavic
OLIANAFrom OleanderHawaiian
OLINOf The AncestorsScandinavian
OLINAJoyous Hawaiian
OLINDAForm of YolandaLatin
OLIVEOlive Branch, PeaceLatin
OLIVIAPeace - of The Olive TreeLatin
OLWENWhite FootprintWelsh
OLYMPEOlympian French
OLYMPIAMountain of The GodsGreek
OMANAA WomanHindu
OMEGALast Greek
OMESHLord of the OmIndian
OMESHWARLord of the OmIndian
OMISHAGoddess of birth and deathIndian
OMKARReligious word OMIndian
ONAFull of GraceLatin
ONAEDOGold African
ONAONASweet SmellHawaiian
ONDREAStrong, CourageousSlavic
ONELLATorch LightHungarian
ONTIBILEGod is Watching Over Me African
OONAOne Irish
OPALPrecious GemHindu
OPHELIAHelper Greek
OPHIRAGold Greek
OPHRAHLight Biblical
OPRAHRunaway Biblical
ORAGold Spanish
ORALEELord is My LightBiblical
ORANGreen Irish
ORANERising Greek
ORDEBeginning Latin
ORDELLBeginning Latin
OREAMountains Greek
ORIAFrom The OrientLatin
ORIANAGolden DawnLatin
ORIELGold French
ORIENThe Orient, EastLatin
ORINDAPine TreesBiblical
ORIOLEGolden; a Gold Flecked Bird Latin
ORIONA Hunter In Greek Mythology Greek
ORLEANSGolden French
ORLIThe Light is MineBiblical
ORLYLight Biblical
ORMAFree MenAfrican
ORMANDAOf The SeaGerman
ORPAHFawn Biblical
OSANNAPraise! Greek
OSMAGod's ServantLatin
OTYLIALucky HeroineGerman
OUIDAWarrior WomanFrench
OVAEgg Latin
OVERTONThe Upper TownEnglish
OWENAWell-Born Welsh
OWNAHForm of UnaIrish
OYATo BeckonNative American
OZStrength Biblical

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