Baby Girls Names (Letter W)

Girl's names start with alphabet W, the meanings and origins. They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Wilma).

Names which are in the top 500 in United Stated: (Wendy and Willow).

They are in List of Top 1000 in USA: (Whitney).

Baby girls names, the meanings and origins:
WAFAFaithful Persian
WALDARuler German
WALKERForest WalkerEnglish
WALLISFrom WalesEnglish
WALTAShield African
WANGentle, GraciousChinese
WANDAA Slender, Young TreeGerman
WANETAShape-Shifter Native American
WARDAHRose Persian
WASSeen French
WASEEMAHBeautiful Persian
WATTANFrom The HomelandJapanese
WAVERLYQuaking AspenEnglish
WEDNESDAYBorn on WednesdayAmerican
WEIValuable Chinese
WELCOMEWelcome GuestAmerican
WENDAWhite Wave.Welsh
WENDIFrom GwendolynWelsh
WENDYWhite SkinnedWelsh
WHITLEYA Small FieldEnglish
WHITNEYWhite IslandEnglish
WILDAUntamed German
WILEYOf The WillowsEnglish
WILHELMINADesire to ProtectGerman
WILLAProtector Latin
WILLOWFrom The Willow TreeEnglish
WILMAProtector German
WILMETProtector German
WILONAHoped ForEnglish
WINDMoving AirAmerican
WINDAHunter Swahili
WINGGlory Chinese
WINIFREDFriend of PeaceIrish
WINKAPeople of ChileScandinavian
WINOLAGracious FriendGerman
WINTADesire African
WINTERThe SeasonAmerican
WRENSmall BirdEnglish
WYNNLight ComplexionWelsh
WYNNELight ComplexionIrish
WYOMEPlain Native American

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