Baby Girls Names that Start with F

Hundred more baby girl’s names, their meanings and origins that start with alphabet/letter F. They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Faith, Fanny, Faye, Felicia, Filippa, Florence, Francesca, Freja, Freya, Frida).

Names which are in the top 500 in United Stated: (Fatima, Fernanda, Fiona, Francesca).

And in List of Top 1000 in USA: (Felicity, Finley, Frances, Frida).

Baby girls names that start with S, the meanings and their origins:

FABIANABean FarmerItalian
FABIENNEBean GrowerFrench
FABIOLABean GrowerItalian
FADHILAOutstanding African
FAIRLYThe Far MeadowEnglish
FAITHBelief & Trust In God Biblical
FAIZAVictorious African
FALAA CrowNative American
FALALABorn In AbundanceAfrican
FALLONPhallon Grandchild of The Ruler Irish
FANCHONFree, WhimsicalBiblical
FANCYDecorated English
FARAHJoy, HappinessPersian
FAREEDAUnique Persian
FARICAChief of PeaceGerman
FARIDAUnique African
FARIDEHUnique, DelightfulPersian
FARLEYFrom The Bull PastureIrish
FARRAHDelightful English
FARRENWanderer English
FARSIRISPrincess Persian
FATHIAVictory Persian
FATIMADaughter of The ProphetPersian
FAUNAGoddess of FertilityGreek
FAUNIAYoung DeerLatin
FAUNUSGod of ForestsLatin
FAUSTAFortunate Italian
FAUSTINELucky Italian
FAUVEWild and UninhibitedFrench
FAWNYoung DeerFrench
FAWZIAWinner Persian
FAYFairy or ElfFrench
FAYEFairy French
FAYLINNFairy KingdomEnglish
FAYOLAWalks with HonorAfrican
FAYREBeautiful English
FEDELLAFrom Fedelia or Fidel-FaithfulLatin
FEDORADivine GiftGreek
FEECHIWorship GodAfrican
FELCIALucky Polish
FELICEFortunate, HappyLatin
FELICIAHappiness Latin
FELICITYHappiness Biblical
FEMILove MeAfrican
FENGMaple or PhoenixChinese
FENNELLAWhite ShoulderIrish
FERNA Fern Plant or See FerdinandEnglish
FERYALBeauty of LightPersian
FEWSWoods Irish
FIAWeaver Portuguese
FIACHRAIrish SaintIrish
FIDELIAFaithful Spanish
FIDELINALittle Faithful OneSpanish
FIDELLAFaithful Latin
FIFIShort for JosephineFrench
FILIAFriendship Greek
FILIPINALover of HorsesPolish
FILOMENAForm of PhilomenaItalian
FINEENFair OffspringIrish
FINNAFair Irish
FINNEAWood of The FordIrish
FINOLAWhite HairedIrish
FIONAWhite, FairIrish
FIONNFrom FionaIrish
FIONNUALAFair ShouldersIrish
FIONNULADerives from FionaIrish
FIORELLALittle FlowerItalian
FIORENZAFlower Italian
FISSEHAHappiness, JoyAfrican
FLANFrom FlanneryIrish
FLANNERRYUnknown African
FLANNERYFlat LandIrish
FLETASwift English
FLEURFlower French
FLODerives from FlorenceLatin
FLORAFlowering Latin
FLORAMARIAFlower of MarySpanish
FLORENCEProsperous, FloweringLatin
FLORIAFlowering Latin
FLORIANEFlowering Latin
FLORIDAFlowering Spanish
FLORRIEDerives from FlorenceLatin
FLOURISHINGOr PraiseworthyFrench
FLOWERDerives from FlorenceLatin
FOLAHonor African
FONDAThe Earth, GroundedSpanish
FORESTFrom The WoodsEnglish
FOREVERNever EndingAmerican
FOUNTAINA SpringFrench
FRANFree Latin
FRANCINEForm of FrancesFrench
FREDERICAPeaceful RulerGerman
FREDRICAPeace German
FREDRICKAPeaceful RulerGerman
FREIRASister Spanish
FREJANorse Goddess of LoveScandinavian
FRENCHFrom FranceAmerican
FREYAGoddess of Love, Fertility and BeautyScandinavian
FRIEDAPeace, JoyGerman
FRITZIDerives from FreidaGerman
FRUMAOne Who is ReligiousBiblical

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