Baby Girls Names (Letter C)

Find out hundred more baby girl’s names, the meanings and origins (alphabet/letter C). They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Caitlin, Caitlyn, Camila, Caoimhe, Cara, Carly, Caroline, Cerys, Charli, Charlotte, Chelsea, Chloe, Ciara, Claire, Clara, Claudia, Clodagh, Cornelia and Courtney).

Names which are in the top 500 in United Stated: (Cadence, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Cali, Callie, Cameron, Camille, Camryn, Cara, Carly, Carmen, Carolina, Casey, Cassandra, Cassidy, Catherine, Cecilia, Celeste, Chelsea, Cheyanne, Cheyenne, Christina, Ciara, Cindy, Clara, Claudia, Cora, Courtney, Crystal and Cynthia).

These are in the list of Top 1000 choosen baby names in USA: (Cailyn, Camilla, Campbell, Carina, Carissa, Carla, Carlee, Carleigh, Carley, Carlie, Carolyn, Carrie, Cassie, Catalina, Caylee, Cecelia, Celia, Chana, Chanel, Charity, Charlee, Charlie, Charlize, Chasity, Chaya, Cherish, Christine, Cierra, Clare, Clarissa, Cloe, Corinne, Cristal and Cristina).

Baby girls names, the meanings and origins:

DACEYSoutherner Irish
CACHEStorage PlaceAmerican
CACHETPrestigious Irish
CADEPure American
CADEEPure American
CADENFighter American
CADENCERhythm Latin
CADYSimple HappinessAmerican
CAELANVictorious PeopleIrish
CAIRejoice Welsh
CAIATo RejoiceLatin
CAILEANThe ChildIrish
CAINCraftsman Biblical
CAINESpear HunterBiblical
CAIROCity In EgyptAfrican
CAISRejoicer Vietnamese
CAITIRPure, UnsulliedIrish
CAITLINVirginal BeautyIrish
CAITLYNPure BeautyIrish
CALShort for Names Beginning with CalAmerican
CALACastle Persian
CALAISCity In FranceFrench
CALANDRASinging BirdGreek
CALANTHALike a Lovely BlossomGreek
CALEYBrave WarriorIrish
CALIDAWarm Spanish
CALISTABeautiful Greek
CALIXTEVery BeautifulGreek
CALLABeauty Greek
CALLIABeautiful Greek
CALLIEBeautiful Greek
CALLIOPEOne with Beautiful VoiceGreek
CALLISTAMost BeautifulGerman
CAMDerives from CameronIrish
CAMBREEFrom WalesWelsh
CAMBRIAFrom WalesLatin
CAMDYNWinding ValleyEnglish
CAMEOShadow PortraitLatin
CAMERONBent NoseIrish
CAMILAAttendant Italian
CAMILLAYoung, VirginalItalian
CAMILLEYoung Ceremonial AttendantGerman
CAMRYNBent NoseIrish
CANABeloved Turkish
CANDACEFire White, PureGreek
CANDICEFire WhiteGreek
CANDIDHidden American
CANDIDAPure, BrightLatin
CANDIDEPure, BrightLatin
CANDIEBright, SweetAmerican
CANDRAPure and ChasteGreek
CANDYBright, SweetAmerican
CAOLANForm of HelenIrish
CAPRICEFanciful French
CARADearest Latin
CARAFLove Welsh
CARDEAGoddess of Protecting The Home Greek
CARESSALoving TouchFrench
CARESSEBeloved French
CAREYPure Irish
CARINADear OneGreek
CARISSABeloved Greek
CARLAFarmer Japanese
CARLENFrom Carlin-ChampionIrish
CARLINLittle ChampionIrish
CARLOTADerives from Charlotte or Caroline Spanish
CARLOTTAStrong OneItalian
CARLYStrong OneAmerican
CARLYNSmall and WomanlyGreek
CARLYNDAStrong and BeautifulAmerican
CARMANLord of The CastleIrish
CARMELAGarden Biblical
CARMELITADerives from CarmelSpanish
CARMENSong Latin
CARMINDABeautiful SongSpanish
CAROLFarmer Biblical
CAROLENALittle and WomanlyItalian
CAROLINABeautiful WomanLatin
CAROLINEBeautiful WomanLatin
CAROLYNDerives from Carol and Linda German
CARONLoving, KindWelsh
CAROUNSpring Armenian
CARRIEMelody, SongAmerican
CARRIEANNGracious and WomanlyAmerican
CARRINGTONTown of The MarshEnglish
CARTERDriver of a CartEnglish
CARYPure Irish
CARYSTo LoveWelsh
CASCATAWaterfall Italian
CASHLINVain English
CASSANDRAProphet Greek
CASSARAProphet/Princess American
CASSIACinnamon Greek
CASSIDYClever Irish
CASSIEFrom Cassandra- ProphetessGreek
CASTELTo The CastleSpanish
CATALINPure Spanish
CATALINAPure Spanish
CATEPure Greek
CATHERINEPure, VirginalGreek
CATHYPure Greek
CATOGood JudgementLatin
CATORISpriti Native American
CATRINPure Welsh
CAVANHollow PlaceIrish
CAYENNEHot SpiceFrench
CAYLACrown of LaurelBiblical
CEANAGod is GraciousIrish
CECEBlind Irish
CECELIABlind Irish
CECILEBlind French
CECILIABlind Latin
CECILYBlind Irish
CELERINAQuick Spanish
CELESTEFrom The HeavensLatin
CELESTINEHeavenly Latin
CELESTYNHeaven French
CELIABlind Latin
CELINAMoon Latin
CELINEMoon French
CERELIAGoddess of The HarvestGreek
CERESGoddess of The CornGreek
CERILove Welsh
CERISECherry French/Turkish
CHAELALike GodIrish
CHAELILike GodIrish
CHAILYNLife, WaterfallAmerican
CHAKAChakra, Energy Center.Persian
CHAKALUKABrilliant EnergyAmerican
CHAKRAEnergy Center of The Body Persian
CHALAMAGoddess ParvatiIndian
CHALICEGoblet Biblical
CHALONDRASmart African
CHALSIESeaport American
CHAMBRAYLight FabricGerman
CHAMOMILEPeace, SpiceAmerican
CHANAGracious Biblical
CHANDIGreat GoddessIndian
CHANDIKAGoddess DurgaIndian
CHANDLERCandle MakerEnglish
CHANDRAMoon GoddessHindu
CHANELChannel French
CHANNARYFull MoonCambodian
CHANNERWise English
CHANNERYWise American
CHANNONClergyman - CanonIrish
CHANTALRocky Land or SongFrench
CHANTEShanta SongFrench
CHANTELRocky Land or SingerFrench
CHANTONWe SingFrench
CHANTREAMoon Cambodian
CHAOGreat OneChinese
CHAPASuperior Native American
CHARISGrace Greek
CHARISMAPersonal Power, AttractionGreek
CHARISSEGrace, Beauty, KindnessFrench
CHARITYCharity, KindnessEnglish
CHARLAFrom CharlotteAmerican
CHARLEEFarmer American
CHARLEENFem- CharlesFrench
CHARLEIGHManly, FarmerAmerican
CHARLENEDerives from CharlesEnglish
CHARLIENickname for Charles/CharlotteGerman
CHARLIZEWomanly French
CHARLOTWomanly, FeminineFrench
CHARLOTTEFeminine French
CHARMAINEForm of CarmenFrench
CHAROFarmer Spanish
CHASTITYPurity English
CHAVALife Biblical
CHAVIFemale ChildEgyptian
CHAVIVABeloved Biblical
CHAYFairy DwellingIrish
CHAYLSESeaport English
CHELSAHarbor English
CHELSEAPort of ShipsEnglish
CHELSEYPort of ShipsEnglish
CHELSISeaport American
CHELSIAFrom ChelseaAmerican
CHENOADove, Bird of PeaceNative American
CHERBeloved French
CHERIDerives from CherylFrench
CHERIEBeloved French
CHERLINFrom Cher and LinAmerican
CHERRYCherry RedPersian
CHERYLBeloved French
CHESNABringing Peace, CalmSlavic
CHESSAPeaceful Slavic
CHEYENNEPeople of Alien SpeechNative American
CHEYNEGod is Gracious.Irish
CHEZARINADerives from CesarGreek
CHIARAIllustrious Latin
CHICKDerives from CharlesEnglish
CHICKOADaybreak Native American
CHIKANear Japanese
CHIKUChatterer African
CHINAFrom ChinaEnglish
CHINARAMay God ReceiveAfrican
CHINUEGod's BlessingAfrican
CHIONEDaughter of The NileEgyptian
CHIPOGift African
CHIQUITALittle GirlSpanish
CHITESHLord of the soulIndian
CHITRANIThe gangesIndian
CHLOEVerdant and BloomingGreek
CHOLENABird Native American
CHRISShort for Christopher or Christine Greek
CHRISSYDerives from ChristopherEnglish
CHRISTAForm of ChristinaFrench
CHRISTIANAFemale Form of ChristianPersian
CHRISTINAChrist-Bearer Greek
CHRISTINEForm of ChristinaAfrican
CHRISTMASMass for ChristEnglish
CHRISTYOf ChristEnglish
CHUHua ChrysanthemumFrench
CHUMANIDew DropNative American
CHYNADerives from ChinaEnglish
CHYNNADerives from ChinaAmerican
CIANNAGod is GraciousItalian
CIARABlack and MysteriousIrish
CICADALoud Insect of The Night Greek
CICELYDerives from CeciliaLatin
CICILYDerives from CeciliaLatin
CIELFrom Heaven, HeavenlyLatin
CILIBlind Hungarian
CILICIAAncient Province of AsiaLatin
CINDERELLAGirl by The CindersLatin
CINDYDerives from CynthiaGreek
CINNAMONThe SpiceAmerican
CIQALALittle OneNative American
CIRASun Italian
CIRILALordly Greek
CISSYDerives from CeciliaLatin
CLAIREClear, BrightFrench
CLARAClear, BrightLatin
CLARALClear, BrightFrench
CLAREClear English
CLARICEClear, BrightFrench
CLARIMONDEBrilliant ProtectorGerman
CLARISSABrilliant Latin
CLEADerives from CleoGreek
CLEANTHAIn Praise of FlowersGreek
CLEMANCEMerciful French
CLEMENTINEMerciful English
CLEOTo Praise, AcclaimGreek
CLEOPATRAGlory of The FatherGreek
CLETADim. of CleopatraGreek
CLIODerives from CleoGreek
CLODIAForm of ClaudiaFrench
CLORISFlower GoddessGreek
CLOVEA Nail, SpiceGerman
CLOVERMeadow FlowerEnglish
COBYSupplanter Biblical
COCHETAThat You Cannot ImagineNative American
COLBYDark HairedEnglish
COLETTEDerives from NicoleFrench
COLIGNYFrom CologneFrench
COLISTAMost BeautifulGreek
COLLEENIrish GirlIrish
COLLICEForm of ColleenIrish
COMFORTTo Strengthen GreatlyEnglish
CONARYWise ManIrish
CONGIntelligent, CleverChinese
CONNIEDerives from ConstanceEnglish
CONSTANCEConstant English
CONSUELAConsolation Spanish
CONSUELOConsolation Spanish
CONTENTSatisfied, HappyAmerican
CORAHeart, MaidenGreek
CORALReef FormationEnglish
CORALIALike CoralGreek
CORALIELittle MaidenFrench
CORAZONHeart Spanish
CORBINA RavenLatin
CORBYDark as a RavenEnglish
CORDELIADaughter of The SeaEnglish
CORENTINELittle CoraAmerican
COREYHollow Irish
CORIANDERRomance, SpiceGreek
CORINA MaidenFrench
CORINAMaiden French
CORINEDerives from CorinneFrench
CORINNAMaiden Greek
CORINNEMaiden Greek
CORINTHIAFrom CorinthGreek
CORLISSDerives from Carl or Carlisle English
CORNELIADerives from CorneliusLatin
CORYHollow Irish
COSETTEVictorious PeopleFrench
COSIMAUniverse, HarmonyGreek
COURTNEYFrom The CourtEnglish
COYWoods English
COYEWoods English
CREDAFaith English
CREETribe NameNative American
CREOLANative to The Land, Creole American
CRESCENTTo GrowEnglish
CRETEDim. of LucretiaLatin
CRICKETLoud Insect of The Night American
CRISTYDerives from ChristopherEnglish
CRWYSCross Welsh
CRYSTALA Clear, Brilliant GlassLatin
CSILLAProtection Hungarian
CWENQueen English
CYBELEMother Scandinavian
CYBILSoothsayer Greek
CYBILLSoothsayer Greek
CYBILLESoothsayer French
CYDA Public HillGreek
CYMAFlourish Greek
CYNARAFrom The Island of Zinara Greek
CYNDIDerives from CynthiaGreek
CYNTHIAThe Moon PersonifiedGreek
CYRAHEnthroned African
CYTHERIAGoddess of LoveGreek

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