Girl Names that Start with J

Beautiful names for your baby. Choose and learn more than hundred baby girl’s names, the meanings and origins that start with J. They are so popular given names in America, Australia, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Irish such as (Jade, Jane, Jasmine, Jenna, Jennifer, Jessica, Jocelyn, Johanna, Joline, Josefine, Julia).

Names which are in the top 500 in United Stated: (Jacqueline, Jada, Jade, Jaden, Jadyn, Jaelyn, Jamie, Jane, Janelle, Janiya, Janiyah, Jaslene, Jasmin, Jayda, Jayden, Jayla, Jazlyn, Jazmin, Jazmine, Jenna, Jillian, Jimena, Joanna, Johanna, Jordan, Jordyn, Joselyn, Josephine, Josie, Juliana, Julianna, Julie, Juliet, Julissa).

They are in List of Top 1000 in USA: (Jacey, Jacquelyn, Jaelynn, Jaida, Jaiden, Jaidyn, Jakayla, Jaliyah, Jamiya, Jamya, Janae, Janessa, Janet, Janiah, Jaqueline, Jaslyn, Jaycee, Jaylah, Jaylee, Jayleen, Jaylen, Jaylene, Jaylin, Jaylyn, Jaylynn, Jazlene, Jazlynn, Jazmyn, Jenny, Jessie, Jewel, Jocelynn, Jolie, Jordin, Joslyn, Journey, Joy, Joyce, Judith, Julianne, Juliette, June, Justice, Justine).

Baby girls names that start with J, the meanings and origins:

JACEMoon-Var. of JaceyAmerican
JACEYFrom The Initials J.C.American
JACIEVariation of JaceAmerican
JACINDAForm of HyacinthSpanish
JACINTAPurple Spanish
JACKIEFrom Jacqueline or JaclynFrench
JACLYNTo ProtectFrench
JACOBASupplant Biblical
JACQUELINEJacqueline Or Jae Supplanter, Substitute, to protectFrench
JACQUIFrom Jacqueline or JaclynFrench
JADAWise Biblical
JADEGreen GemstoneSpanish
JADENGod Has HeardBiblical
JADYNGod Has HeardBiblical
JADZIAPrincess Polish
JAELProminent Biblical
JAGDEOGod of the WorldIndian
JAGESHLord of the UniverseIndian
JAGISHLord of the UniverseIndian
JAHIAProminent African
JAHNAVIRiver GangaIndian
JAHZARABlessed PrincessAfrican
JAIGOPALVictorious Lord KrishnaIndian
JAIMEDerives from James, Jamee, Jaimie I LoveSpanish
JAIMIEI LoveFrench
JAIMINI LoveFrench
JAIRAMVictory of Lord RamaIndian
JALAJAGoddess of wealth; Laxmi; LotusIndian
JALENBird of LightAmerican
JALENALight Slavic
JALENEFrom James and LenoreAmerican
JALESHLord of waterIndian
JALIANoble American
JALILFriend Persian
JALILAGreat Persian
JAMESEFrom JamesEnglish
JAMIEDerives from JamesIrish
JAMILABeautiful African
JAMUNAHoly RiverHindu
JANDerives from JanetEnglish
JANAGod is GraciousSlavic
JANAEForm of JanetBiblical
JANEGracious, MercifulEnglish
JANEEVAJuniper BerryAmerican
JANELLEForm of JaneFrench
JANETGod's Gracious GiftEnglish
JANETTEGod is GraciousFrench
JANIAGod is GraciousPolish
JANICEGod is GraciousBiblical
JANINAForm of JaneAmerican
JANINEDerives from JaneAmerican
JANKIGoddess SitaIndian
JANNAGod is GraciousSlavic
JANUARYBorn In JanuaryAmerican
JANUSGod of BeginningsLatin
JARAAnc. Slavic for SpringSlavic
JARAHSweetness Biblical
JARIAHTributary LordAmerican
JASIAForm of JanePolish
JASMINA Flower In The Olive FamilyPersian
JASMINEA Flower In The Olive FamilyPersian
JASRAJLord of fameIndian
JAUNIEBrave and KindAmerican
JAYANTIGoddess ParvatiIndian
JAYENDRALord of victoryIndian
JAYMEJames English
JAZLYNNFrom Jasmine & LynnAmerican
JEANGod is Gracious, Baptiste St. John The Baptist Irish/French
JEANINEGod is GraciousIrish
JEANNEDerives from JaneIrish
JELAFather Suffered During BirthSwahili
JEMIMAA DoveBiblical
JEMMAA DoveEnglish
JENWhite WaveWelsh
JENAParadise Persian
JENAYATrendy and HipAmerican
JENDAYIThankful Egyptian
JENEILChampion WaveAmerican
JENEVAWhite WaveAmerican
JENIBELLEBeautiful and BrightAmerican
JENIFERWhite WaveWelsh
JENISGenesis The BeginningBiblical
JENNNickname for JenniferAmerican
JENNASmall BirdEnglish
JENNELLEFrom Jenny and NellEnglish
JENNESSAFrom Jennifer and VanessaEnglish
JENNICACombination of Jennifer and Jessica American
JENNIEWhite WaveEnglish
JENNIFERWhite WaveWelsh
JENNISWild WaveAmerican
JENNYDerives from JenniferEnglish
JENSKIComing HomeEnglish
JERAHoly American
JERENIPeaceful Slavic
JERIDerives from GeraldineFrench
JERICAStrong, a Gifted RulerAmerican
JERMAINEFrom GermanyFrench
JERRICAHonorable One Who Rules By The SpearAmerican
JERSEYFrom a Section of England English
JERUSHAInheritance Biblical
JESIMAEWealthy and BitterAmerican
JESLYNBlessed with Wealth and Beauty American
JESSWealthy Biblical
JESSAMINEJasmine French
JESSEGod Exists.Biblical
JESSENIAFlower Persian
JESSICAWealthy Biblical
JESSIEDerives from JessicaBiblical
JETTABlack GemEnglish
JEWELPrecious GemFrench
JEWELLPrecious GemFrench
JEZEBELImpure Biblical
JIALi Good and BeautifulChinese
JIEPure Chinese
JIHANNo MeaningPersian
JILLGirl/Sweetheart English
JILLIANJileen Youthful, Form of Julia Irish
JILLIAN(LATIN)Youthful Latin
JINADEVLord of victoryIndian
JINELLEFrom Guinevere- FairWelsh
JINENDRALord of victoryIndian
JIRARelated by BloodAfrican
JIVRAJLord of lifeIndian
JONickname for Names Starting with JoBiblical
JOANDerives from JoanneBiblical
JOANNDerives from JoanneEnglish
JOANNADerives from JoanneEnglish
JOANNEGod is GraciousEnglish
JOCASTACheerful Greek
JOCELINSupplanter French
JOCELYNLight HeartedLatin
JODIFrom JohannaAmerican
JODIEGrace of GodBiblical
JOELLALord is WillingBiblical
JOELLEGod is WillingFrench
JOHANNAGod is GraciousGerman
JOHARIJewel African
JOHNDAGod is GraciousBiblical
JOHNNAConsecrated to GodBiblical
JOIEJoy French
JOLAPretty Greek
JOLANTAViolet BlossomPolish
JOLENEShe Will IncreaseEnglish
JOLIEPretty French
JORDANDescendant Biblical
JORDANADescending Biblical
JORDANEDescendant French
JORJANNALovable Country ChildAmerican
JORRYNThe One God LovesAmerican
JORYDescending American
JOSEFINAForm of JosephineSpanish
JOSEPHINEJosette God Will Add or IncreaseFrench
JOSIEGod Will AddAmerican
JOVANNAForm of GiovannaItalian
JOVIANNEMajestic Latin
JOVITAHappy Latin
JOYPleasure Biblical
JOYCEMerry Latin
JOYCETALittle JoySpanish
JOYLYNJoyful OneAmerican
JUANAGod is BeneficentBiblical
JUANDALYNNFrom GwendolynSpanish
JUANITAConsecrated to GodSpanish
JUDEOne Who is PraisedBiblical
JUDITHFrom JudahBiblical
JUDYFrom JudahBiblical
JUIFlower Hindu
JUINMonth of JuneFrench
JUJIHeap of LoveAfrican
JULESYouthful French
JULIASoft-Haired, YouthfulLatin
JULIANASoft-Haired Spanish
JULIANNADerives from Julia & Anne Slavic
JULIANNEDerives from Julia & Anne English
JULIESoft-Haired, YouthfulLatin
JULIETSoft-Haired French
JULIETTESoft HairedFrench
JULINKAYouthful Hungarian
JULISHATo Make KnownAfrican
JULYDerives from JuliaLatin
JUMOKELoved by EveryoneAfrican
JUNEBorn In JuneLatin
JUNIPERJuniper BerryLatin
JUNOGoddess of Marriage & Childbirth Greek
JUSTICEFairness American
JUSTINEFairness Latin
JUSTISFair MindedAmerican
JYOTIKALight, FlameHindu
JYOTSNAGoddess DurgaIndian

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