3 | 4 Letter Native American Names

List of 3 / 4 LETTER - NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES, for baby boy and baby girl eg: Bly, Eda, Elu, Bena, Chua, Cree, Elsu, Fala, Howi, Jaci, Kasa and Kele. There are 46 Native American names with 3 or 4 characters long and their meanings available here at SCBS Baby Blog.


  1. BLY: (F) means To Be A Tall Child
  2. EDA: Anglo (F) means Wealth
  3. ELU: (F / M) means Full Of Grace
  4. GAD: Navajo (M) means Juniper Tree
  5. ISI: Choctaw (F) means Deer
  6. LEE: Anglo (F) means Grassland
  7. OYA: (F / M) means To Beckon
  8. TSE: Navajo (M) means Rock
  9. YAS: Navajo (M) means Snow


  1. BENA: (F) means Pheasant
  2. CHUA: Hopi (M) means Snake
  3. CREE: (F / M) means Tribe Name
  4. ELSU: (M) means Flying Falcon
  5. FALA: (F) means A Crow
  6. HOWI: Miwok (M) means Turtle-Dove
  7. JACI: Tupi (F) means Moon
  8. KASA: Hopi (F) means Dressed In Furs
  9. KELE: Hopi (M) means Sparrow
  10. KEME: Algonquin (M) means Secret
  11. LAPU: Hopi (M) means Cedar Bark
  12. LUYU: (F) means Wild Dove
  13. MAKA: Sioux (F) means Earth
  14. MEDA: (F) means Prophet
  15. MELI: (F / M) means Bitter
  16. MISU: Miwok (M) means Rippling Brook
  17. MOKI: Hopi (M) means Deer
  18. NIDA: (F / M) means Elf
  19. NOSH: Algonquin (M) means Father
  20. OHIO: (F / M) means Large River
  21. ORVA: Anglo (F) means Friend
  22. PETA: Blackfoot (F) means Golden Eagle
  23. SANI: Navajo (M) means The Old One
  24. SIHU: Hopi (F) means Flower
  25. SIKE: Navajo (M) means He Sits At Home
  26. SKAH: Sioux (M) means White
  27. TIVA: Hopi (F) means Dance
  28. TUPI: Miwok (M) means To Pull Up
  29. TUWA: Hopi (F) means Earth
  30. VIHO: Cheyenne (M) means Chief
  31. WAKI: Hopi (F) means Shelter
  32. WARE: Anglo (M) means Careful
  33. WUTI: Hopi (F) means Woman
  34. WUYI: Miwok (M) means Soaring Turkey Vulture
  35. XYZA: Gotik (F) means Ocean
  36. YANK: (F / M) means Derives From Yancy
  37. YOKI: Hopi (F) means Rain



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