FIVE (5) Letter Native American Names

List of 5 LETTER - NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES, for baby boy and baby girl eg: Achak, Adahy, Ahanu, Ahiga, Ahote, Aiken and Ailen. There are 91 Native American names with 5 characters long and their meanings available here at SCBS Baby Blog.

  • ACHAK: Algonquin (M) means Spirit
  • ADAHY: Cherokee (M) means Lives In The Woods
  • AHANU: Algonquin (M) means He Laughs
  • AHIGA: Navajo (M) means He Fights
  • AHOTE: Hopi (M) means Restless One
  • AIKEN: Anglo (M) means Sturdy
  • AILEN: Mapuche (F) means Clear Or Happiness.
  • ANKTI: (F) means Repeat The Dance
  • ANOKI: (M) means Actor
  • AROHA: Maori (F) means Love
  • AYITA: (F) means First To Dance
  • AYLEN: Mapuche (F) means Clear Or Happiness.
  • BARNA: Aramaic (M) means Self-Confidence
  • CAPRI: Anglo (F) means Chamois
  • CHAPA: (F) means Superior
  • CHEPI: Algonquin (F) means Fairy
  • CHUSI: Hopi (M) means Snake Flower
  • DASAN: (M) means Ruler
  • DYAMI: (M) means Eagle
  • DYANI: (F) means Deer
  • ESTRA: Anglo (F) means Goddess Growth
  • EZHNO: (M) means He Walks Alone
  • FAINA: Anglo (F) means Joyful
  • GITHA: Anglo (F) means Gift
  • HAKAN: (M) means Fire
  • HANIA: Hopi (M) means Spirit Warrior
  • HELKI: (F / M) means Touch
  • HINTO: Dakota (M) means Blue
  • HONAW: Hopi (M) means Bear
  • HONON: Miwok (M) means Bear
  • HOTAH: Sioux (M) means White
  • HURIT: Algonquin (F) means Beautiful
  • HUSLU: (M) means Hairy Bear
  • IMALA: (F) means Disciplinarian
  • ISTAS: (F) means Snow
  • KANGA: (F / M) means A Raven
  • KANTI: Algonquin (F) means Sings
  • KIONA: (F) means Brown Hills
  • KURUK: Pawnee (M) means Bear
  • KWAHU: Hopi (M) means Eagle
  • LANSA: Hopi (M) means Lance
  • LOKNI: Miwok (M) means Rain Falls Through The Roof


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