6 Letter Native American Names - Part 3

List of 6 LETTER - NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES, for baby boy and baby girl - Part 3, eg: Olathe, Onatah, Ooljee, Orenda, Pachua, Pahana and Pakuna . There are 132 Native American names with 6 characters long and their meanings available here at SCBS Baby Blog.

  • OLATHE: (M) means Beautiful
  • ONATAH: Iroquois (F) means Of The Earth
  • OOLJEE: Navajo (F) means Moon
  • ORENDA: Iroquois (F) means Magic Power
  • PACHUA: Hopi (M) means Feathered Water Snake
  • PAHANA: Hopi (M) means Lost White Brother
  • PAKUNA: Miwok (F) means Deer Jumping Downhill
  • PAMUYA: Hopi (F) means Water Moon
  • PAPINA: Miwok (F) means Vine Growing Around An Oak Tree
  • PAUWAU: Algonquin (F) means Witch
  • PAVATI: Hopi (F) means Clear Water
  • PAYTAH: Sioux (M) means Fire
  • PILLAN: (F / M) means God Of Stormy Weather
  • PIVANE: Hopi (M) means Weasel
  • POLOMA: Choctaw (F) means Bow
  • POSALA: Miwok (F) means Farewell To Spring Flowers
  • POWAQA: Hopi (F) means Witch
  • POWWAW: Algonquin (M) means Priest
  • QUANAH: Comanche (M) means Fragrant
  • QUIDEL: Mapuche (M) means Burning Torch
  • RAWNIE: Gypsy (F) means Daughter
  • ROWTAG: Algonquin (M) means Fire
  • SAHKYO: Navajo (F) means Mink
  • SALALI: Cherokee (F) means Squirrel
  • SANUYE: Miwok (F) means Red Cloud At Sundown
  • SEWATI: Miwok (M) means Curved Bear Claw
  • SHILAH: Navajo (M) means Brother
  • SHUMAN: Hopi (F) means Rattlesnake Handler
  • SIK'IS: Navajo (M) means Friend
  • SINOPA: Blackfoot (F) means Fox
  • SITALA: Miwok (F) means Of Good Memory
  • SOYALA: Hopi (F) means Time Of The Winter Solstice
  • SULETU: Miwok (F) means Flies
  • TADEWI: Omaha (F) means Wind
  • TALASI: (F / M) means Cornflower
  • TAMAYA: Quechua (F) means In The Center
  • TIEGAN: Aztec (F) means Empress
  • TIPONI: Hopi (F) means Child Of Importance
  • TOKALA: Dakota (M) means Fox
  • WAHKAN: Sioux (M) means Sacred
  • WANETA: (F / M) means Shape-Shifter
  • WICASA: Dakota (M) means Sage
  • WINONA: Dakota (F) means Firstborn Daughter
  • WYSTAN: Anglo (M) means Battle
  • YANABA: Navajo (F) means Intrepid


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