EIGHT (8) Letter Native American Names

List of 8 LETTER - NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES, for baby boy and baby girl eg: Abedabun, Alsoomse, Anpaytoo, Ayawamat, Berkeley and Calfuray. There are 42 Native American names with 8 characters long and their meanings available here at SCBS Baby Blog.

  1. ABEDABUN: Chippewa (F) means Dawn; Sight Of Day
  2. ALSOOMSE: Algonquin (F) means Independent
  3. ANPAYTOO: Sioux (F) means Radiant
  4. AYAWAMAT: Hopi (M) means One Who Follows Orders
  5. BERKELEY: Anglo (M) means Pics Of Grass
  6. CALFURAY: Mapuche flower (F) means Violet
  7. CHA'RISA: Hopi (F) means Elk
  8. CHA'TIMA: Hopi (M) means The Caller
  9. CHEYENNE: (F) means People Of Alien Speech
  10. CHOSPOSI: Hopi (F) means Bluebird Eye
  11. ETCHEMIN: Algonquin (M) means Canoe Man
  12. GALILAHI: Cherokee (F) means Attractive
  13. HEHEWUTI: Hopi (F) means Warrior Mother Spirit
  14. HELUSHKA: Winnebago (M) means Fighter
  15. HOWAHKAN: Sioux (M) means Of The Mysterious Voice
  16. KESTEJOO: Algonquin (M) means Slave
  17. KIMIMELA: Sioux (F) means Butterfly
  18. MATOSKAH: Sioux (M) means White Bear
  19. MELVILLE: Anglo (M) means The City Below Mount
  20. METURATO: Cheyenne (M) means Black Kettle
  21. NAALNISH: Navajo (M) means He Works
  22. NAHIMANA: Sioux (F) means Mystic
  23. NAHIOSSI: Cheyenne (M) means Has Three Fingers
  24. NIICHAAD: Navajo (M) means Swollen
  25. OHITEKAH: Sioux (M) means Brave
  26. OMAWNAKW: Hopi (M) means Cloud Feather
  27. PAJACKOK: Algonquin (M) means Thunder
  28. QALETAQA: Hopi (M) means Guardian Of The People
  29. SHIZHE'E: Navajo (M) means Father
  30. SOOLEAWA: Algonquin (F) means Silver
  31. TAHKEOME: Cheyenne (M) means Little Robe
  32. TALLULAH: Choctaw (F) means Leaping Water
  33. TALULLAH: Choctaw (F) means Leaping Water
  34. TAYANITA: Cherokee (F) means Young Beaver
  35. TECUMSEH: Shawnee (M) means Panther Passing Across
  36. TOOANTUH: Cherokee (M) means Spring Frog
  37. VIPPONAH: Cheyenne (M) means Slim Face
  38. VOHKINNE: Cheyenne (M) means Roman Nose
  39. WALBURGA: Anglo (F) means Defense
  40. WANAHTON: Sioux (M) means Charger
  41. WANIKIYA: Sioux (M) means Savior
  42. ALESHANEE: (F) means She Always Plays


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