SEVEN (7) Letter Native American Names - Part 2

List of 7 LETTER - NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES, for baby boy and baby girl - Part 2 eg: Odakota, Ohanzee, Otaktay, Patamon, Qochata and Segenam. There are 85 Native American names with 7 characters long and their meanings available here at SCBS Baby Blog.

  • ODAKOTA: Sioux (M) means Friend
  • OHANZEE: Sioux (M) means Shadow
  • OTAKTAY: Sioux (M) means Kills Many
  • PATAMON: (M) means Caliban
  • QOCHATA: Hopi (M) means White Man
  • SEGENAM: Algonquin (M) means Lazy
  • SHERARD: Anglo (M) means Kind
  • SHERWIN: Anglo (M) means Exceptional
  • SHIKOBA: Choctaw unisex (F) means Feather
  • SHIKOBA: Choctaw unisex (M) means Feather
  • SHIRIKI: Pawnee (M) means Coyote
  • SICHEII: Navajo (M) means Grandfather
  • SOKANON: Algonquin (F) means Rain
  • TABLITA: Hopi (F) means Tiara
  • TALLULA: Choctaw (F) means Leaping Water
  • TALULLA: Choctaw (F) means Leaping Water
  • TALUTAH: Sioux (F) means Blood-Red
  • TAREGAN: Algonquin (M) means Crane
  • TASUNKE: Dakota (M) means Horse
  • TELUTCI: Miwok (M) means Bear Making Dust
  • TIPONYA: Miwok (F) means Owl
  • TOGQUOS: Algonquin (M) means Twin
  • TOHOPKA: Hopi (M) means Wild Beast
  • TOLINKA: Miwok (F) means Flapping Ear Of A Coyote
  • UZUMATI: Miwok (M) means Bear
  • WACHIWI: Sioux (F) means Dancer
  • WAKANDA: Sioux (F) means Possesses Magical Power
  • WAPASHA: Dakota (M) means Red Leaf
  • WAQUINI: Cheyenne (M) means Hook Nose
  • WEAYAYA: Sioux (M) means Setting Sun
  • WEMATIN: Algonquin (M) means Brother
  • WENONAH: Dakota (F) means Firstborn Daughter
  • WIKIMAK: Algonquin (F) means Wife
  • WIKVAYA: Hopi (M) means One Who Brings
  • YANISIN: Navajo (M) means Ashamed
  • ZALTANA: (F) means Mountains
  • ZEBEDEO: Aramaic (M) means The Servant Of God
  • ZITKALA: Dakota (F) means Bird


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