SIX (6) Letter Native American Names

List of 6 LETTER - NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES, for baby boy and baby girl eg: Abeque, Adsila, Akando, Alaqua, Anevay, Angeni, Aquene, Ashkii and Askook. There are 132 Native American names with 6 characters long and their meanings available here at SCBS Baby Blog.

  1. ABEQUA: Chippewa (F) means Stays At Home
  2. ABEQUE: Chippewa (F) means Stays At Home.
  3. ADSILA: Cherokee (F) means Blossom
  4. AKANDO: (M) means Ambush
  5. ALAQUA: (F) means Sweet Gum Tree
  6. ANEVAY: (F) means Superior
  7. ANGENI: (F) means Spirit Angel
  8. AQUENE: (F) means Peace
  9. ASHKII: Navajo (M) means Boy
  10. ASKOOK: Algonquin (M) means Snake
  11. AYASHA: Cheyenne (F) means Little One
  12. AYASHE: Cheyenne (F) means Little One
  13. AYELEN: Mapuche (F) means Clear Or Happiness
  14. CATORI: (F) means Spriti
  15. CHENOA: (F) means Dove, Bird Of Peace
  16. CHESMU: (M) means Gritty
  17. CHOGAN: Algonquin (M) means Blackbird
  18. CHUNTA: Hopi (M) means Cheating
  19. CHU'SI: Hopi (F) means Snake Flower
  20. CIQALA: Dakota (M) means Little One
  21. DONOMA: Omaha (F) means Sight Of The Sun
  22. DURWIN: Anglo (F/M) means Beloved Friend
  23. EDITON: Omaha (M) means Standing As A Sacred Object
  24. EHAWEE: Sioux (F) means Laughing Maiden
  25. ENAPAY: Sioux (M) means Brave
  26. ERLINE: Anglo (F) means Little Elves
  27. ETENIA: (F) means Wealthy
  28. FARMAN: Anglo (M) means Adventurer
  29. GAAGII: Navajo (M) means Raven
  30. GAHEGE: Omaha (M) means Chief
  31. GARETT: Anglo (M) means Strong With Spear
  32. HALONA: (F) means Fortunate
  33. HASSUN: Algonquin (M) means Stone
  34. HATEYA: (F) means Footprint In The Sand
  35. HOK'EE: Navajo (M) means Abandoned
  36. HONANI: Hopi (M) means Badger
  37. HONOVI: Hopi (F) means Strong Deer
  38. HOTOTO: Hopi (M) means Warrior Spirit Who Sings
  39. HURITT: Algonquin (M) means Handsome
  40. HUYANA: Miwok (F) means Falling Rain


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