A Printable Baby Shower Game is an Easy Way to Entertain Guests - By sapling

Many mothers-to-be are finding that the printable baby shower game is the easiest way to go. Because there is little to buy and little to plan, these shower games allow the guests to play when they want. And for those guests that don't like to make fools of themselves, the printable game is perfect.

On the Internet and in baby focused stores, you can find printable baby shower game collections. While these are generally cheap, it doesn't take money to come up with these simple and fun filled games. But if you keep your eyes open on the Internet, you can find a free printable shower game on some sites and other free shower game printables on others.

One of the best ways to start a baby shower game is to list questions about the mom or the baby that is being born. This can be great fun for those showers that include a lot of close friends and family members. It's a time for remembering stories and memories as well as talking and laughing.

Start with simple questions about the mom: middle name, maiden name, siblings, other children, etc. Then you can ask more personal questions (though nothing too graphic) and see who gets them right. What happens in most cases is that guests who sit next to each other will try to help one another. And thus, the whole group will mingle and interact.

If you want, you can include the mysterious question about the sex of the child and have the mother 'grade' the answers to the overall questions. But if the mom doesn't want to reveal the answer to the gender question, she can always say that the winner got MOST of the questions right. That way, the gender can still be a secret.

Still, everyone wants to guess and the mom can smile at who guessed right.

Another fun list of things to include on a printable shower game is a word search of baby related words. A cross word puzzle is always good as well. You might want to have a list of words that will be put into a fill in the blank story. Whoever picks the funniest words wins.

A printable baby shower game allows the shower to continue without interruption. Guests can work on their papers as they eat or as they watch the gifts being opened. With a printable shower game, no one even has to get up.

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