Baby Christmas Gifts That Rock

Baby Christmas Gifts That Rock By Elizabeth Schlee

Are you looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for kids in your family? Perhaps you are a grandparent who wants to give a more meaningful gift to your new grandbaby - something that will be a lasting gift. I know that I don't like to spend money for my grandchild and not have it be remembered past the opening.

Here are some suggestions for unique Christmas gift ideas for kids that are more unusual. A unique Christmas gift for kids is something that you don't often see in stores. I am suggesting a hand painted high chair as a baby Christmas gift. This delightful hand painted high chair is loaded with personality and pizazz. It is from our "My Friends at the Zoo" collection and so it has these sweet little zoo animals peeking over the back of the chair. You will absolutely love the zebra striped legs and all of the fun decorations on this piece of painted kids furniture.

Do you want more unique baby gift ideas? How about the most unusual potty chair you have ever seen! Can you imagine a little potty chair with a toilet paper holder attached to one arm and a magazine rack to the other? How cute is that? This is a hand carved and hand painted potty chair that matches the "My Friends at the Zoo" high chair and perfectly fits the unique Christmas gifts for baby category, don't you think?

Don't stop there. You can include the most adorable baby bookcase from the same collection. The hand painted baby bookcase proudly displays some of the same "My Friends at the Zoo" animals like the giraffe and tiger.

And did I suggest that I could tell you about baby Christmas gifts that rock? Well, I must include the kids rocker in this collection. Painted kids furniture has never been more delightful or imaginary. This kids rocker is no exception.

I hope you will come and visit our site to enjoy these wonderful and unique Christmas gift ideas for kids that will inspire and delight your grandchild for years to come. Now how is that for a lasting baby Christmas gift that rocks.

Elizabeth Schlee submitted this article. Elizabeth is a mother and aspiring entrepreneur. She loves artistic creativity and has found that her website is a wonderful place to express those creative ideas.

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