Great Gift Idea For Any Man

Great Gift Idea For Any Man - Written by Warren Wilson

Having a hard time deciding what to buy the man in your life? Don't have the time to shop for the prefect gift? Want something more personal than a gift card? Whether it is your husband, boss, boyfriend, or a new acquaintance it can be a little daunting at times. Hobbies such as hunting, fishing, poker and cigar smoking are always a great place to begin, as well as sports and music and the latest gadgets.

One great gift idea that is getting a little more attention in recent years is shaving, in particular - wet shaving. Yes, wet shaving. Meaning shave lather and a brush and if you want to go all out your wet shaving routine will include a pre shave and after shave. Men have found wet shaving to be a new or re-discovered pleasure previously over looked or not valued. Even in this fast paced world men are appreciating a great shave more and more. And once they are use to the wet shaving process realize that it really doesn't take that much longer than before. The extra five minutes are totally worth it.

Wet shaving supplies, products and retailers have been on the steady rise over the last five years, with new specialty barber shops and salons catering to men opening up all over the country. You've most likely seen or heard of one of these stores near you.

More and more men are realizing that the daily routine of shaving doesn't have to be a painful nuisance every morning. Plus there are many options of blades, brushes and creams to choose from that didn't exist before. Products ranging in price and quality to fit any budget, style and comfort - anything from a 20 cent Bic to a luxurious ivory handled razor for $100 or a $3 can of shaving foam to a $30 can of luxurious shave lather applied with a $100 badger brush.

Shaving supplies are just the same as with most items out there - you pay for what you get. Not that you have to spend a lot of money to get good quality supplies and products, but as a rule higher quality products contain more complex formulas and purer ingredients thus the price goes up. This is especially true with more natural shaving products. In addition to getting a great shave with these products they also last a lot longer than the traditional shaving creams, foams and gels as they are generally made of concentrate, in other words they are not full of air and alcohol.

Introducing a man in your life to wet shaving is sure to be a big hit. And if he is already into wet shaving, a new brush, razor handle or a new pre shave or after shave to try out will be much appreciated.

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