Hot Gadgets And Consumer Appliances For Christmas

Hot Gadgets And Consumer Appliances For Christmas, by Olivia Campbell-Price

With the Holiday season pretty much upon us, no doubt you might be considering what to buy your friends and family for Christmas. For the kids it will be toys and even electronic gadgets for the older children and teenagers. Adults also love gadgets and appliances that can be used personally or in the home. Popular gift items will be things that provide entertainment to the owner. With this said, here are a few of the latest gadgets and gizmos that might make an ideal present for Christmas.

The first item is the Flip Slide camera. Flip cameras have been a great hit. They are the size of a cell or mobile phone but are purely for taking video images. You can get high definition flip camera that give you 2 hours of recording time. The most innovative feature of the product is the USB hook up and flipshare software that allows you to move the video directly to your computer and get it on the web or burn it to a DVD quickly.

The Flip Slide video camera retains all these winning features but also has a slide feature that allows you to see the recorded images on a bigger screen than other Flip cameras. This means you can playback the video and watch on the camera immediately. No need for a computer.

The next item that has been garnering quite a fanfare for months now is the Kinect motion sensor system for the Xbox 360 gaming console. Kinect is Microsoft's response to the Nintendo Wii. And by all accounts, it will surpass the functionality of the Wii and make game playing even better.

The major difference between the Kinect and the Wii is that the Kinect does not require the game player to hold some form of controller like the Wii (and even the PS3 Move system) does. The Kinect sensor scans the whole body so that the whole of the players body can be involved in the game. Even facial expressions are scanned apparently. This should make game playing more real than ever before. And most Xbox 360 owners can't wait to get their hands on this gadget. No doubt Microsoft hope it boosts the profile of the Xbox 360 too.

Another appliance that could be a hit this Christmas is the Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet with Android. This is a bit like a small iPad. It allows you to connect to the internet and do all sorts of things that you regularly do without having to go to a computer. It has many Android applications pre-installed on it but you can also download your own apps which kind of personalizes the appliance for your own needs and wants.

Article Source: by Olivia_Campbell-Price

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