Baby Christmas Costumes - Could They Be Any Cuter?

Baby Christmas Costumes - Could They Be Any Cuter?
Written by Joyce Henry

Your baby has to wear something for Christmas and how many Christmases will your child still be a baby? By the time they're toddlers, they've grown out of the ability to wear a baby Christmas costume. And this year they've got some of the cutest ones you'll ever see.

Most of the infant costumes are buntings, so it's fairly easy to get them in and out of them. But even if it took a little effort, isn't it worth it to see your little one in a once-a-year costume that makes her the most adorable baby on the block?

Just think of all the places you can take her in her new costume. If you show up at a family dinner with your baby in a Christmas costume, I can assure you everyone will be fighting over the chance to hold the baby. Guaranteed, she'll be the hit of the party!

Want a chance to meet the neighbors? Just take your infant in her stroller out for a walk in the neighborhood. People you've never even seen before will appear just to get a chance to see your adorable daughter or son in their Christmas costume.

Then there's the pictures you'll be able to take and keep forever in a scrapbook. When he's a teenager, he'll really love looking at these baby pics. Ok, well, maybe not, but you will!

Just imagine your son or daughter in one of these popular baby Christmas costumes:

Christmas Tree

Your baby becomes the tree in this cute get-up. With red, sparkly ornaments to finish off the look.


This adorable outfit covers your little one in a red bunting with 3 large white pom-poms to look like buttons. And of course it includes a red fur-trimmed Santa hat. Or you can choose the version that has a wide black belt with gold buckle sewn right into the bunting. No worrying about whether the belt has come loose.


Don't worry your baby won't melt in this darling costume that turns him into a snowman. It's white with sewn-on red mittens and a green jaunty scarf. And for real convenience, his black hat is also sewn onto this one-piece.


Turn your little angel into an actual angel with this precious outfit. This white bunting comes with attached wings and a headband. Or you can go for the deluxe version with gold lame wings and headband.

Whichever costume you choose, no one will be able to stop oohing and ahhing over how darling your little one looks.
To see these and all the other adorable baby Christmas costumes available this year, visit my website at

Article Source: EzineArticles - by Joyce Henry

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We wish you all for the best and enjoy reading this article entitled: Baby Christmas Costumes - Could They Be Any Cuter?


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