Baby Names Meaning "ADORE"

LIST of names that mean "ADORE":

- AARAA (Arabic name for female) means Variant of Ara: Embellishing. Adorning.
- ARA (Arabic name for girl) means Opinionated. Embellishing. Adorning.
- JAHAN AARA (Arabic / F) means Adornment of the world.
- MUZAYNAH (Arabic / F) means Adornment.
- ZAIBA (Arabic / F) means Beautiful. Adorned.
- ZAIBAA (Arabic / F) means Variant of Zaiba: Beautiful. Adorned.
- ZAYB (Arabic / F) means Adornment
- ZAYBA (Arabic / F) means Beautiful. Pretty. Adornment..
- SUYIN (Chinese / F) means plain, unadorned sound.
- ADEN (Hebrew name for boy) means Handsome, Adorned
- ADINA, Adino (Hebrew for men) means Attractive, Adorned, Slender
- ADELAIDE (Hebrew / F) means noble kind, adorned
- ADIN (Hebrew / F) means Beautiful, Adorned
- EASHWARA CHANDRA (Hindu / M) means Shiva adorned by chandra
- KEERTHIBHOOSHAN (Hindu / M) means Person whose adornment is fame
- RUKMIN (Hindu / M) means Gold Adornment

Find out related baby names that mean: Adore, Angel, Attractive, Beauty / Beautiful, Belove, Cheerful, Jewel, Laurel, Pretty, Paradise, Rose, or Sweet.


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