Baby Names with Meaning "JEWEL"

Find out list of baby names which related with word "JEWEL". These names mainly for females, originated from American, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, Welsh, African, English, Irish and Indian background.

- AMBER: French name - Precious Jewel
- BERYL: Greek name means Green Jewel
- EMBERLYNN: American - Pretty Jewel
- ESMERELDA: Spanish - means Jewel
- GEMA: Italian name means Jewel
- GERSEMI: Scandinavian - means Jewel
- GLAIN: Welsh name means Jewel
- JOHARI: African name means Jewel
- PEARLIE: Latin name means Jewel
- PEARLY: Greek name means A Jewel
- RUBY: English name means A Ruby Jewel
- SERWA: African name means Jewel
- ULA: Irish name means Jewel of The Sea
- CHARUSHEELA : Indian name means Beautiful Jewel Charusheela
- KAUSTUBH : Indian male name meaning Lord Vishnu's jewel
- LALAM : Indian male name meaning Jewel
- MANIKA : Indian name means Jewel Manika
- MINA : Indian name means "Fish, Jewel" Mina
- NAGINA : Indian name means Jewel Nagina
- RANA : Indian male name meaning Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look
- RATNESH : Indian male name meaning Lord of jewels; Diamond
- TAJ : Indian male name meaning Crown; Jewel
- TAJ : Indian name that means Crown; Jewel Taj

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