64 Baby Girl Names Meaning "THE SUN"

FIND OUT the list of 64 baby girl names that means "THE SUN", originated from Christian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Hindu, Persian, Spanish, Irish, Scandinavian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Native American, Indian and more.

1. AAHANA: Indian (First rays of the sun)
2. ANAMITRA: Indian (The Sun)
3. ANSHU: Indian (Sun Anshu)
4. ANSHULA: Indian (Sunny Anshula)
5. ANSHUMALI: Indian (Sun Anshumali)
6. ARUNA: Indian (Sun Aruna)
7. ASIS: African (Sun)
8. BHANU: Indian (Sun; Fame Bhanu)
9. BHANUPRIYA: The Sun's beloved Bhanupriya
10. CIRA: Italian (Sun)
11. CLYTIE: (God of the sun)
12. CYMBELINE: Celtic sun lord
13. CYRAH: (Throne; sun)
14. DAWN: Greek (Diana, Sunrise)
15. DIMPLE: Indian (Dimples Lesung pipi)
16. DONOMA: Native American (Sight of The Sun)
17. DYSIS: Greek (Sunset)
18. ELAINE: (Sun ray, shining light)
19. ELEANOR: (Sun ray, shining light)
20. ELENA: (Sun ray, shining light)
21. ELIANA: Greek (related to the Greek Elios meaning god of the sun)
22. ELIDI: (Gift of the sun)
23. ELLEN: (Sun ray, shining light)
24. ETAIN: Celtik (sun goddess)
25. GAYORA: Biblical / Christian (Valley of Sun)
26. HELEN: (Sun ray, shining light)
27. HELIA: Greek (Sun)
28. HELLER: Greek (The Sun)
29. HESPER: (the sun set and the evening star rose here)
30. HETI: Indian (Sun ray Heti)
31. HEULWEN: Welsh (Light from The Sun)
32. IDALIA: (Behold the sun)
33. KALINDA: Hindu (The Sun)
34. KALINDA: (The sun)
35. KIANGA: African (Sunshine)
36. KUVAM: Indian (Sun Kuvam)
37. KYRA: from the Persian and Egyptian word for like Ra, the sun
38. MANOUSH: Persian (Sweet Sun)
39. MARISOL: Spanish (Sunny Sea)
40. MISAE: Native American Osage baby girl name meaning (white sun)
41. MORAG: Irish (Embracing The Sun)
42. PAIVA: Scandinavian (God of The Sun)
43. RASHMI: Indian (Sun Rays Rashmi)
44. RAVEENA: Indian (Sunny Raveena)
45. RHYAH: Indian (Queen of the Sun Rhyah)
46. ROXANN: Persian (Roxy Sunrise)
47. SAVITA: Indian (Sun Savita)
48. SELENA: (sister to Helios, the sun)
49. SHARIK: (God's child; one on whom the sun shines)
50. SHRIYADITA: Indian (Sun Shriyadita)
51. SIRIA: (Sun-bright, glowing)
52. SISI: African (Born on Sunday)
53. SOLANGE: French (Sun Angel/Earth Angel)
54. SOLEIL: French (Sun)
55. SOLSTICE: Greek (Sun Exposure)
56. SONITA: Indian (Young Sun Sonita)
57. SULWYN: Welsh (Bright as The Sun)
58. SURAVI: Indian (Sun Suravi)
59. SURYADITA: Indian (Sun Suryadita)
60. SURYANI: Indian (Sun's wife Suryani)
61. SYNNOVE: Scandinavian (Sun Gift)
62. THEA: (mother of the sun, moon, and dawn)
63. VANALIKA: Indian (Sunflower Vanalika)
64. XIA: Chinese (Glow of The Sunrise)

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