118 Spanish Baby Boys Names and their Meaning

Here are 118 baby boys names and their meanings:

PEDRO means A Rock.
DARIO means Affluent.
NAOLIN means Aztec God of The Sun.
TURI means Bear.
RUBEN means Behold a Son.
MONTENEGRO means Black Mountain.
HERNANDO means Bold Voyager.
PABLO means Borrowed.
CHICO means Boy.
CARLITO is Carlos form of Charles.
JUANCARLOS is combination of Juan and Carlos.
CORTEZ means Conqueror.
NEVADA means Covered In Snow.
ESTEBAN means Crown of Victory.
ONOFRE means Defender of Peace.
CARLOS, derives from Carl.
PACO, derives from Francisco.
JORGE, derives from George.
JAIME, derives from James, Jamee, Jaimie I Love.
JUAN, derives from John.
LALO, derives from Lale.
LINDY, derives from Lindsey or Linda.
LUIS, derives from Louis.
RAFAEL, derives from Raphael.
RAMON, derives from Raymond.
RICARDO, derives from Richard.
DES or DESI or DESIDERIO means Desire.
CHAVEZ means Dream Maker.
AQUILA means Eagle.
ALVARO means Extremely Cautious, Just or Wise.
ADELIO means Father of The Noble Prince.
PONCE or QUITO or QUINTO means Fifth Child.
ALBERTO, form of Albert.
ALEJANDRO, form of Alexander, Protector of Men.
ANDRES, form of Andrew.
NARDO, form of Bernardo.
EDUARDO, form of Edward.
EMILIO, form of Emil.
FERNANDO, form of Ferdinand.
CISCO, FRISCO, form of Francisco.
GERALDO, form of Gerald.
ENRIQUE, form of Henry.
TIAGO, form of Jacob.
CHECHE, JOSE, both form of Joseph.
JOSUE, form of Joshua.
JULIO, form of Julian.
LORENZO, form of Lawrence.
MARCOS, form of Marcus.
MIGUEL, form of Michael.
FELIPE, form of Philip.
ESTEVAN, form of Stephen.
GUILLERMO, form of William.
FRANCISCO means Free Land.
URBANO means From The City.
JOAQUIN means God Will Establish.
JESUS means God Will Help.
ORO means Gold.
JADE means Green Gemstone.
MACARIO means Happy.
SOCORRO means Helper.
BARTO means Hill, Furrow.
SANTO means Holy.
GALENO means Illuminated Child.
GIACINTO means Jacinto Hyacinth.
ORLANDO means Land of Gold.
ANGELITO means Little Angel.
CORDERO means Little Lamb.
SUELITA means Little Lily.
CID means Lord.
AMOR means Love.
FAUSTO means Lucky.
MILAGRO means Miracle.
MONTEGO means Mountainous.
NEMESIO means Nemesis, God of Vengeance.
JAVIER means New House Owner.
HIDALGO means Noble.
NATIVIDAD, of the Nativity.
NAIARA, of the Virgin Mary.
PAZ means Peace or Gold.
FEDERICO means Peaceful Ruler.
NAVARRO means Plains.
TADEO means Praise.
CASTA means Pure.
RAIMUNDO, Ramon form of Raymond.
RIO means River.
GUADALUPE means River of Black Stones.
HERIBERTO means Ruler.
SANCHO means Saint.
SALVADOR means Savior.
TIBURON means Shark.
OVIDIO means Shepherd.
MANNY is short for Manuel.
DIEGO means St. James.
NERO means Stern.
NERON means Strong.
ARNALDO / ARNOLDO means Strong as an Eagle.
RICO means Strong Ruler.
SOL means Sun.
TEJANO means Texan Male.
CRUZ means The Cross Bearer.
MAR means The Sea.
CASTEL means To The Castle.
PANCHO means Tuft, Plume.
RUSK means Twisted Bread.
FEO means Ugly.
MATIAS, varian of Matthias.
VIDAL means Vital.
LOBO means Wolf.
RAUL means Wolf Counselor.
SANTIAGO, Yago form of James.
AIMON, means Homebody or House.

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