Common Persian Baby Boy Names and Meanings

PERSIAN baby boy names and their meanings:

SOHRAB: means A Hero.
BAHRAM: means A Persian King, Mars Planet.
QABIL: meaning Able.
RIDA: meaning Accept and Obey.
NEN: meaning Ancient Waters.
KARIF: meaning Arrived In Autumn.
NIBAL: meaning Arrows.
ZAYN: means Beauty.
BEHROOZ: means Behrouz Fortunate, Lucky.
ZANE: means Beloved.
NUHAD: means Brave.
ZAHI: meaning Bright and Shining.
HANI: meaning Cheerful and Happy.
JABIR: meaning Comforter.
OMA: meaning Commander.
KADIN: a boy name means Companion.
RAHEEM: meaning Compassionate.
SADDAM: meaning Crusher.
KARIM: meaning Derives from Kareem.
MOHAMMED: meaning Derives from Muhammad.
ALAWI: meaning Descendant of Ali.
ARMAN: meaning Desire, Hope.
HASHIM: meaning Destroyer.
TAREQ: meaning Door Knocker.
RAFI: meaning Exalted.
WAFA: means Faithful.
JASER: meaning Fearless.
ADISH: meaning Fire.
ZAHUR: meaning Flower.
DANIL: meaning Form of Daniel.
KALIL: meaning Friend.
KHALIL: meaning Friend.
MEHRDAD: meaning Gift of The Sun.
AHMAD: meaning Greatly Praised.
JAMIL: meaning Handsome.
WASEEM: meaning Handsome.
HUSSEIN: meaning Handsome One.
ARASH: meaning Hero.
BARBOD: meaning Hero.
BIJAN: meaning Hero.
NAY: meaning Highness and Grace.
NAYEF: meaning Highness and Grace.
ONSLOW: meaning Hill of The Passionate One.
JEROEN: meaning Holy Man.
AYMAN: meaning Holy, Right-Hand Worker.
FARIS: meaning Horseman/Knight.
YAZID: meaning Increasing.
GHAZI: meaning Invader.
CASPER: meaning Kasper Treasurer.
AMIR: meaning King.
SHAH: meaning King.
YARDAN: meaning King.
XERXES: meaning King, Ruler.
ARIF: meaning Knowledgeable.
HAMAL: meaning Lamb.
OSAMA: meaning Lion-Like.
HAROUN: meaning Lofty.
KYRAN: meaning Lord, Sir.
BABACK: meaning Loving Father.
MAIMUN: means Lucky.
BAQER: meaning Man of Knowledge.
SIYAMAK: meaning Man with Dark Eyes.
ZAREK: meaning May God Protect The King.
SOROUSH: meaning Messenger.
QAMAR: meaning Moon.
JERICHO: meaning Moon City.
SABAH: means Morning.
ALI: means Noble.
MANSOUR: meaning One Who Triumphs.
SIYAVASH: meaning Owner of Black Horses.
KAMIL: meaning Perfect.
EYAD: meaning Possesses Power.
MAJED: meaning Praise.
MUHAMMAD: meaning Praised.
MANELIN: meaning Prince of Princes.
ASHO: meaning Pure of Heart.
REDA: means Satisfied.
KADEEM: meaning Servant.
SAMAN: meaning Shelter and Security.
SHADI: meaning Singer.
ABDULLAH: meaning Slave of God.
ABDULKAREEM: meaning Slave of The Generous God.
ABDULRAHMAN: meaning Slave of The Merciful God.
RAMI: meaning Sniper.
KAMALI: meaning Spirit Guide, Protector.
TAHMORES: meaning Strong and Wild Dog.
KAMRAN: meaning Successful.
CYRUS: meaning Sun.
NAMIR: means Swift Cat.
OSMAN: meaning Tender Youth.
BARDIA: meaning The Prince.
ARIABOD: meaning Tibe Leader.
SORENA: meaning Tribal Leader.
NASSER: meaning Triumphant.
AMIN: meaning Trustworthy.
OMAR: meaning Ultimate Devotee.
KAREEM: meaning Very Generous.
FATHI: meaning Victory.
HANNAN: means Warm Feelings.
RAMIN: meaning Warrior.
YASER: means Wealth.
FAWZI: meaning Winner.
AKILI: meaning Wisdom.
KATEB: meaning Writer.
BORNA: a Persian boy name that means Youthful.


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