Celebrate Valentines With Friends and Family

Celebrate Valentines With Friends and Family - By Fran Black

You don't have a special someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with? Invite friends or family over and enjoy Valentine's day with them. Here are some theme ideas for a fun and lighthearted evening.

Classic Movie Night

What better movie than Casablanca to tug at your heart strings on Valentine's day. Set the stage with invites designed with a film strip theme. Other suggestions include; 1) have everyone dress up in 1940's clothes 2) cover the table with paper and write Casablanca famous movie quotes all over it 3) play "As Time Goes By" as guests arrive 4) serve traditional movie snacks during the show- popcorn, soda in glass bottles, Raisinets and Sugar Babies.

A Chocolate Fondue Party

Nothing celebrates Valentine's Day like chocolate! A chocolate party is one that anyone would be happy to attend. A chocolate fountain can be your center piece and there are a variety of items to serve that are great dipped in chocolate. Try some bananas, gram crackers, coconut covered marshmallow's, strawberries, black and red berries, and the list goes on! Start your party a littler later, after everyone has already had dinner. This is a great way to socialize and enjoy friends. There are even known health benefits to eating and even smelling chocolate. Chalk this party up as a way to increase every ones health- if not in body, then certainly in mind!

Formal Dinner

You don't just have to have candle lit dinners with romantic partners, have a formal dinner with family or friends. Pull out the nice china, silver and crystal, and of course, the candles! This is a great time of year to let the important people in your life know that you care about them. Each place setting name card can be a valentine with a special message. Have a four course meal ending with a fabulous dessert of your choice.

Charity Party

There are a lot of people and causes that could use a little love. Host a party for your neighborhood, family or just a bunch of friends to raise money for something near and dear to your heart. A few suggestions are; animal shelters, breast cancer research, local parks, food bank, Make A Wish Foundation, American Red Cross and the list goes on. Perhaps something has happened in your life to turn your heart toward a particular need or cause. Use Valentine's day as a day to reach out, make a difference and spread some love in the world. No donation is too small, no time spent is too little to help make the world a better place. Let everyone know the month before with invitations.

If you have a story that you can share about what has encouraged you to have this event, include that in the invitation. Donations could be placed in an envelope near the door or on a table and then given directly to the organization of choice. Guests could anonymously donate any amount and you won't have to know. Have the donation basket open for any point of the evening and when guests arrive enjoy friendship and conversation. If you host it in the summer you could have appetizers and even enjoy an outdoor game of croquet. Not only will you help out an important cause, but your friends and family will be closer and receive more than they give.

All Red Dinner

Red is the theme for dinner and it can be casual. This is especially a great idea for families and children. Print the invitations on red paper, ask guests to wear red and serve red food. Red punch, red potatoes, red sauce or lasagna are some ideas. Have your guests make their own banana splits, complete with a red cherry on top. Have construction paper out on a table to make homemade valentines, adults and kids alike will love celebrating this holiday red style.

Whether you are currently not involved with a special someone, or they simply are not with you on Valentine's Day, you don't have to feel alone when surrounded with friends and family. Hosting a party will get you in the spirit of fun and could even be just the thing that someone else needs. Good food, good neighbors and friends, make for a good time. Enjoy Valentine's day this year and celebrate big!

About the Author: Francesca Black a romantic at heart, writes for Valentine Shop http://www.valentine-shop.com and Angel Gifts http://www.angel-gifts.net

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