A Few Valentine's Day Gift Ideas And Advice

A Few Valentine's Day Gift Ideas And Advice - By Trinity Tresp

St. Valentine's Day is considered the most romantic day of the year for most couples. Some couples just relish the idea of a special day set aside just to celebrate the beauty of love. Other couples are pessimistic and believe it is only a holiday made up for businesses such as jewelers, card makers, florists, and candy makers to make a major haul. No matter how you look at St. Valentine's Day, this is a day to give your loved one a special gift. The gift can be extravagant or it can be a small handmade gift from the heart. Either way it can be a tough decision about what type of gift to give.

The most common of all Valentine's Day gifts is the Valentine's Card. It is certainly not the most expensive, however, it can be the most appreciated. The trick is to find the card that best expresses your true feelings for your loved one. You may be lucky and find a card already printed with your exact sentiments or you may need to get a blank card to write your own expression of love. Today there are many computer programs you can use to make your own card along with personalized photos etc. You could also add special touches to a homemade or store bought card by attaching photos, special mementos from the relationship such as, ticket stubs from concerts or movies, or even add some of the little candy hearts with romantic sayings printed on them, etc.

Another very common Valentine's gift would be to send or take flowers to your loved one. Typically florists double or triple their normal prices several days before and after St. Valentine's Day to take advantage of the millions of orders. A dozen red roses would be the classic gift but you may also send any other flower or arrangement you know your intended would appreciate. Many people prefer other flowers such as gladiolas, bird of paradise, tulips, etc. over roses. A great accompaniment to flowers is a box of candy, or a bottle of wine or champagne. Just take the candy and/or bottle to the florist and they will deliver it along with the flowers. Most florists also have stuffed animals they can deliver with the flowers. Imagine how appreciative your loved one would be to receive a dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne while at work. She or he would be the envy of everyone else in the office. It is perfectly fine to send a man flowers to express your love, especially if they were delivered with tickets to that special sporting event he has been wanting to attend.

One of the more extravagant of the gifts would be to take your loved one on a romantic getaway. Whether for just one night or for a whole week, a getaway gift would be a big hit. Some really nice getaways can be to a local hotel with a special dinner or a flight to a Caribbean island where you can arrange a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. There are many Caribbean resorts specializing in romantic vacations for couples only. If you really want to be extravagant charter your own private jet to the island. You can be served a gourmet meal on board the flight and have a romantic dessert of strawberries and champagne.

If you want to get more serious and give a gift of the true meaning of your feelings you can always go the jewelry way. Just make sure you are serious about your feelings and really want to move in this direction. Diamonds are certainly not a gift to give in a casual relationship. You could always give a gold chain, or some beautiful earrings if you are not ready for "the diamond". One of the most important things about giving jewelry to a woman is to take the time to notice what type of jewelry she already wears. This way you will know what type of jewelry and what colors she prefers. Some women prefer silver jewelry over gold and vice versa. You want to give her something she will be able to wear often.

These are just a few ideas for Valentine's gifts and they certainly are not the only ones. Any gift your loved one would appreciate would be appropriate. Especially appropriate if you have received hints about what she or he wants. Even a toaster would be appreciated if that's what they truly wanted and needed. You need to take into consideration what your loved one will truly appreciate, you don't want to just get anything you can find at the last moment. Take some time to plan for your gift, you both will appreciate it. Happy Valentine's Day!

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