Girl's Names Meaning "Blessed, Blessing"

Find out a list of baby girl names that mean "blessed, God's blessings, blessed father and more ". These names are originated from African American Biblical German Irish Japanese Latin Polish Vietnamese and Indian background.
1. AKSHADHA [Indian] means God's blessings Akshadha
2. ANAM [Indian] means Blessing Anam
3. ANJIKA [Indian] means Blessed Anjika
4. ANJU [Indian] means Blessings; Inconquerable Anju
5. ANNIE [Biblical] means Blessed with Grace
6. ANUGRAHA [Indian] means Divine Blessing Anugraha
7. ATARA [Biblical] means Crown, Blessed
8. ATARET [Biblical] means Crown, Blessed
9. AVINOAM [Biblical] means Blessed Father
10. BEA [American] means Blessed
11. BENECIA [Latin] means Blessed
12. BENNETT [Latin] means Little Blessed One
13. BLESSY [Indian] means Blessing Blessy
14. BRACHA [Biblical] means A Blessing
15. BREINDEL [Biblical] means Blessing
16. CHINUE [African] means God's Blessing
17. ELYSIA [Latin] means The Blessed Home
18. EMIKO [Japanese] means Blessed, Beautiful Child
19. GWENNAN [Welsh] means Blessed
20. GWYNETH [Welsh] means Fortunate, Blessed
21. JAHZARA [African] means Blessed Princess
22. JESLYN [American] means Blessed with Wealth and Beauty
23. KEIKO [Japanese] means Blessing
24. MACARIA [Greek] means Blessed
25. MAIMOONA [Indian] means Auspicious; Blessed Maimoona
26. MATANA [Biblical] means Blessing
27. MUBARAK [Indian] means Blessed Mubarak
28. NAEEMA [Indian] means Blessing; Living an enjoyable life Naeema
29. NIMAAT [Indian] means Blessings; Loans Nimaat
30. RAIN [American] means Abundant Blessings from Above
31. ROOPA [Indian] means Blessed with beauty Roopa
32. SACHI [Japanese] means Blessed
33. SAMPADA [Indian] means Blessing Sampada
34. SHRIDULLA [Indian] means Blessing Shridulla
35. SIDDHANI [Indian] means Blessed Siddhani
36. TEREHASA [African] means Blessed
37. UNJALI [Indian] means Blessing Unjali
38. VARA [Indian] means Blessing Vara


POPULAR SONGS [Singer - Song Title]

1. Acid Drinkers [song title - King Kong Bless You]
2. Ben Harper [song title - Blessed to Be a Witness]
3. Billie Holiday [song title - God Bless The Child]
4. Blood Brothers [song title - God Bless You Blood Thirsty Zeppelins]
5. Blood, Sweat And Tears [song title - God Bless' The Child]
6. Celine Dion [song title - God Bless America]
7. Celine Dion [song title - The Magic Of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)]
8. Darkthrone [song title - Pure Demoniac Blessing]
9. Dawn [song title - The Stalker's Blessing]
10. Eternal [song title - I Am Blessed]
11. Friedman Debbie [song title - The Angels' Blessing]
12. Friedman Debbie [song title - The Hail Blessing]
13. Houk [song title - God Bless]
14. Impaled Nazarene [song title - My Blessing (the Beginning Of The End)]
15. Irving Berlin [song title - God Bless America]
16. Kris Kristofferson [song title - Blessing in Disguise]
17. Labelle Patti [song title - When You've Been Blessed]
18. Leann Rimes [song title - God Bless America]
19. Little Texas [song title - God Blessed Texas]
20. Ll Cool J [song title - God Bless]
21. Mariah Carey [song title - So Blessed]
22. Miller Steve [song title - God Bless The Child]
23. Motley Crue [song title - God Bless The Children of The Beast]
24. Nik Kershaw [song title - God Bless]
25. Seance [song title - The Blessing Of Death]


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