Boy's Names That Mean "Blessed"

Find out a list of baby boy names meaning "blessed, blessed with many friends, the blessed one and more". These names are originated from African American | Biblical | Greek | Japanese | | Latin | Welsh and Indian background.

1. AASHISH [Indian name] means Blessing
2. ASHER [Biblical name] means Blessed, Happy
3. ASHISH [Indian name] means Blessing
4. AVINOAM [Biblical name] means Blessed Father
5. BARKE [African name] means Blessings
6. BARUCH [Biblical name] means Blessed
7. BENDEK [Polish name] means Blessed
8. BENEDICT [Latin name] means Blessed
9. BENNETT [Latin name] means Little Blessed One
10. BREINDEL [Biblical name] means Blessing
11. EADOIN [Irish name] means Blessed with Many Friends
12. KALOOSH [Armenian name] means Blessed Event
13. KEITARO [Japanese name] means Blessed
14. MARZOUQ [Indian name] means Blessed (by God); Fortunate
15. PHUC [Vietnamese name] means Blessing
16. PHUOC [Vietnamese name] means Blessing
17. RAIN [American name] means Abundant Blessings from Above
18. SHUBHASHIS [Indian name] means Blessing
19. SHUBHAY [Indian name] means Blessing
20. SIDDHESH [Indian name] means Lord of the blessed
21. ZELIG [German name] means The Blessed One


POPULAR SONG [Singer - Song Title]

1. Acheron [song title - Blessed By Damnation]
2. Admiral Twin [song title - Blessed Imperial]
3. Bette Midler [song title - Bless You Child]
4. Brooklyn Bridge [song title - Blessed Is The Rain]
5. Carpenters [song title - Bless The Beast & Children]
6. Carpenters [song title - Bless The Beasts And The Children]
7. Christina Aguilera [song title - Blessed]
8. Divinyls [song title - Bless My Soul (it's Rock-n-roll)]
9. Elton John [song title - Blessed]
10. Elvis Presley [song title - Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand]
11. Entombed [song title - Blessed Be]
12. Ex [song title - Blessed Box At The Back-seat]
13. Harry Connick, Jr. [song title - A Blessing & a Curse]
14. Heather Nova [song title - Blessed]
15. Jacksons [song title - Bless His Soul]
16. Joan Baez [song title - Blessed Are]
17. Krispies [song title - Blessed With Nine Lives]
18. Lux Occulta [song title - Blessed By The Rain]
19. Martina Mcbride [song title - Blessed]
20. Monaghan Bill [song title - Blessed And Happy]
21. Moody Blues [song title - Bless + Destroy]
22. Moody Blues [song title - Bless The Wings (that Bring You Back)]
23. Morbid Angel [song title - Blessed Are The Sick / Leading The Rats]
24. Orphaned Land [song title - Blessed By Thy Hate]
25. Schwartz Stephen [song title - Bless The Lord]
26. Simon & Garfunkel [song title - Blessed]
27. Sorrowful God [song title - Blessed Moment]


Baby Names on Wednesday, 09 February, 2011 said...

Hey all the names are good but i found AASHISH as the best,
i like it...

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