Baby Names Meaning "SPIRIT"

List of baby names which mean "SPIRIT". These names originated from many different background such as African, Italian, Hindu, Indian, Scandinavian and more:

- ANGENI: Native American female name meaning Spirit Angel
- DEVA: Hindu female name meaning Celestial Spirit
- VIVIAN: Biblical female name meaning Spirited
- CHEVEYO: Native American male name meaning Spirit Warrior
- EGIL: Scandinavian male name meaning Awe-Inspiring
- GUY: Latin male name meaning Living Spirit
- HUGH: German male name meaning Bright In Mind and Spirit
- KAMALI: Persian male name meaning Spirit Guide, Protector
- UGO: Italian male name meaning Intelligence, Spirit
- DUSCHA: Slavic unisex name meaning Divine Spirit
- HALDIS: Greek unisex name meaning Stone Spirit
- ROWDY: American unisex name meaning Loud, Spirited
- ZO: African unisex name meaning Spiritual Leader
- AMRITA : Indian female name meaning Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water Amrita
- ANOUKA : Indian female name meaning Spirit of God Anouka
- DEVRAT : Indian male name meaning Spiritual
- DVITA : Indian female name meaning Existing in two forms; Spiritual Dvita
- HELENA : Indian female name meaning Spiritual light Helena
- OMAJA : Indian female name meaning Result of spiritual unity Omaja
- RUHAN : Indian male name meaning Spiritual
- RUHANI : Indian female name meaning Spiritual; Sacred; Divine Ruhani
- RUHIN : Indian female name meaning Spiritual Ruhin
- TRINITY : Indian female name meaning The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Trinity
- TURYA : Indian female name meaning Spiritual power Turya
- VAIRAJ : Indian male name meaning Spiritual glory


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