Baby Names Meaning "RICH"

List of baby names which mean "RICH". These names for males and females originated from Greek, English, Spanish, German, Polish, African, Biblical, Japanese and Indian background.

- ADRIENNE: Greek female name meaning Rich
- EYDIE: English female name meaning Rich Gift
- MAHOGONY: Spanish female name meaning Rich
- ADRIAN: Greek male name meaning Rich
- DICK: German male name meaning Powerful, Rich Ruler
- GERIK: Polish male name meaning Swords and Riches
- KATUNGI: African male name meaning Rich
- RICARDO: Spanish male name meaning Derives from Richard
- RICH: English male name meaning Powerful, Rich Ruler
- RICHARD: Biblical male name meaning Great Strength
- RICK: English male name meaning Powerful, Rich
- SEGHEN: African unisex name meaning Ostrich
- TOMI: Japanese unisex name meaning Rich
- AMIR : Indian male name meaning Rich
- HONNESHA : Indian female name meaning Rich person Honnesha
- RICHA : Indian female name meaning Hymn;The writing of the Vedas Richa
- SAMRUDH : Indian male name meaning The Enriched One


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