Baby Names Meaning "RESPECT"

List of baby names which mean "RESPECT". These names for males and females originated from Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, Armenian and Indian background.

- THAO: Vietnamese female name meaning Respectful of Parents
- YOSHINO: Japanese female name meaning Respectful, Good.
- AGOSTINO: Italian male name meaning Respectable
- ZEROUN: Armenian male name meaning Respected, Wise
- AYAAZ : Indian male name meaning respected and enduring
- DARSHAN : Indian male name meaning Paying Respect
- MANINI : Indian female name meaning Self respected Manini
- MANIT : Indian male name meaning Highly respected
- MARSHA : Indian female name meaning Respectable Marsha
- NAMAHA : Indian female name meaning Respect; Pray Namaha
- PRANATI : Indian female name meaning Pranam; Greeting elders with respect Pranati
- RAAKIN : Indian male name meaning Respectful
- SADAR : Indian male name meaning Respectful


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