Baby Names Meaning "PLAIN"

Find out list of baby names which mean "PLAIN". These names for males and females originated from Japanese, Spanish, Biblical, Welsh, English, Irish and Native American background.

- HISANO: Japanese female name meaning Open Plain
- SAVANNA: Spanish female name meaning Open Plain
- SAVANNAH: Spanish female name meaning Treeless Plain
- SHARIS: Biblical female name meaning Flat Plain
- SHARNE: Biblical female name meaning Desert Plain
- CONWAY: Welsh male name meaning Hound of The Plain
- LANDON: English male name meaning Grassy Plain
- NAVARRO: Spanish male name meaning Plains
- BLAIR: Irish unisex name meaning Field or Plain
- LANDEN: English unisex name meaning Grassy Plain
- WYOME: Native American unisex name meaning Plain

List of popular songs inspired by word "plain":

1. (i Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain : singer: Black Frank
2. Ballad in Plain D : singer: Bob Dylan
3. Love In Plain Sight : singer: Bryant Richard
4. Plain Parade : singer: Cardigans
5. A Plain Morning : singer: Dashboard Confessional
6. I Want to Live on an Abstract Plain : singer: Frank Black
7. Just Plain Fish : singer: My Superhero
8. On a Plain : singer: Nirvana
9. Virginia Plain : singer: Roxy Music

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