Baby Names Meaning "PLACE"

Find out list of baby names which mean "PLACE". These names for males and females originated from African, Japanese, Egyptian, Latin, Irish, Biblical, English, and Hungarian background.

- HADA: African female name meaning Salty Place
- KAYA: Japanese female name meaning Resting Place
- MEMPHIS: Egyptian female name meaning Good Place to Live
- NYDIA: Latin female name meaning A Safe Place, Nest
- SAFARA: African female name meaning Her Place
- SHEA: Irish female name meaning Fairy Place
- GILEAD: Biblical male name meaning Biblical Place Name
- HAVEN: English male name meaning Safe Place
- LIVINGSTON: English male name meaning From Lyfing's Place
- PAULO: African male name meaning Place of Rest
- TIBOR: Hungarian male name meaning Holy Place
- CACHE: American unisex name meaning Storage Place
- CAVAN: Irish unisex name meaning Hollow Place
- HAYES: English unisex name meaning From The Hedged Place
- KELBY: Irish unisex name meaning Place by The Flowing Water

List of popular songs inspired by word "place":

1. A Place In China (heaven's Not) : singer: Camouflage
2. A Place In The Line : singer: Cole Jude
3. (between A) Rock And A Hard Place : singer: Cutting Crew
4. (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays : singer: Garth Brooks
5. A Place to Call My Own : singer: Genesis
6. A Real Good Place to Start : singer: George Strait
7. A Place Nearby : singer: Lene Marlin
8. A Cool Place : singer: Lightning Seeds
9. A Place for My Head : singer: Linkin Park
10. A Place in The Sun : singer: Lit
11. A Place in The Dirt : singer: Marilyn Manson
12. A Magical Place (duet With Christopher Max) : singer: Martika
13. A Place In The Sun : singer: Mcgraw Tim
14. A Secret Place : singer: Megadeth
15. A Big 10-8 Place (part Two) : singer: Negativland
16. A Place To Stop : singer: September When
17. A Better Place : singer: Smith George
18. A Better Place : singer: Splinter
19. A Place In The Choir : singer: Staines Bill
20. A Rock And A Hard Place : singer: The Sisters Of Mercy
21. A Place in The Sun : singer: Tim Mcgraw
22. A Higher Place : singer: Tom Petty
23. A Place That Ought To Be : singer: United Youngstars
24. A Pagan Place : singer: Waterboys
25. A Public Place : singer: Wire

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