Names That Mean Happy for Girls (3)

Baby names that mean "happy, joy, and happiness" for girls in three characters only. Examples: Ada, Ama, Aud, Ayo, and hundreds more of baby girl names from around the world.

The origin of happy names: Teutonic, German, African, Scandinavian, French, English, Irish, Gaelic, etc. Three letter names for female:

1. ADA: Teutonic - happy
2. ADA: German - joyful
3. AMA: African - born on Saturday; happy
4. AUD: Scandinavian - riches, prosperity, happiness
5. AYO: African - joyful
6. BEA: Latin - happy; bringer of joy
7. GAY: English - joyful
8. JOY: French - joy
9. JOY: English - joyful
10. MAB: Irish - happiness
11. MAB: Gaelic - joyous
12. TAT: English - cheerful; brings joy

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