Baby Names Meaning "DESCENT"

Find out list of baby names which mean "DESCENT". These names are originated from FBiblical, French, American, Latin, Persian, Irish, Scandinavian, Vietnamese, Greek and Indian background.

- JORDANA: Biblical female name means Descending
- JORDANE: French female name means Descendant
- MARILYN: Biblical female name means Descendants of Mary
- MARLEE: American female name means Descendents of Mary
- PATRICE: Latin female name means Of Noble Descent
- PATRICIA: Latin female name means Of Noble Descent
- TRISHA: Latin female name means Of Noble Descent
- ALAWI: Persian male name means Descendant of Ali
- IRA: Biblical male name means Watchful, Descendant
- JEROD: Biblical male name means Descendant
- KEITH: Irish male name means Warrior Descending
- LEIF: Scandinavian male name means Beloved Descendent
- VIET: Vietnamese male name means Of Vietnamese Descent
- DELAINE: Irish unisex name means Descendent of The Challenger
- ERLING: Scandinavian unisex name means Descendant
- JORDAN: Biblical unisex name means Descendant
- JORY: American unisex name means Descending
- PAT: Greek unisex name means Of Noble Descent
- NAJEEB : Indian male name means Of noble descent

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