Baby Names Meaning "DEER"

Find out list of baby names meaning "DEER". These names are originated from English, Biblical, Native American, Latin, French, Japanese, American, Scandinavian and Indian background.

- AFRA: English female name means Female Deer
- AYALA: Biblical female name means A Female Deer - (Doe)
- DYANI: Native American female name means Deer
- FAUNIA: Latin female name means Young Deer
- FAWN: French female name means Young Deer
- GAZELLE: Latin female name means Graceful, Deer
- HINDA: Biblical female name means Female Deer
- KALISKA: Native American female name means Coyote Chasing Deer
- SHIKA: Japanese female name means Gentle Deer
- BUCK: American male name means Deer, Cowboy
- HART: English male name means Deer or Stag
- HERSCHEL: Biblical male name means Deer
- ROSCOE: Scandinavian male name means Deer Forest
- HARINI : Indian female name means A deer Harini
- HIRANMAYI : Indian female name means Like a deer Hiranmayi
- MRINMAYEE : Indian female name means Deer's Eye Mrinmayee

List of popular songs inspired by word "deer":

1. As The Deer : singer: Bread And Juice
2. Deer Park : singer: Fall
3. Deer Stop : singer: Goldfrapp
4. That Magnificent Deer Has Vanished In The Bush : singer: Masters Hammer
5. Sweetheart - Darlin' - My Deer : singer: Mixed Emotions
6. Deer Dance : singer: System of a Down

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