Baby Names Meaning "CALM"

Find out list of baby names meaning "CALM". These names are originated from Slavic, Hawaiian, Hindu, Latin, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Irish and Indian background.

- CHESNA: Slavic female name means Bringing Peace, Calm
- MALIA: Hawaiian female name means Calm and Peaceful)
- MANDARA: Hindu female name means Calm
- NALANIE: Hawaiian female name means Heaven's Calm
- SERENA: Latin female name means Serene, Calm
- TACEY: English female name means Silent, Calm
- TRANQUILLA: Spanish female name means Calm, Tranquil
- DINH: Vietnamese male name means Peace, Calm
- GALEN: Greek male name means Gale Healer, Healer, Calm
- PLACIDO: Italian male name means Calm, Quiet
- SERENO: Latin male name means Calm, Serene
- NALANI: Hawaiian unisex name means Heaven's Calm
- TULLY: Irish unisex name means Calmness
- AKAND : Indian male name means Calm
- MRIDUL : Indian male name means Soft; Calm
- SAATVIKA : Indian female name means Calm Saatvika
- SEHEJ : Indian male name means Calm
- SHAMITHA : Indian female name means Who is calm and disciplined Shamitha
- SHANTA : Indian female name means Peaceful; Calm Shanta
- SUMONA : Indian female name means Calm Sumona
- WADEE' : Indian male name means Calm; Peaceful

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