Baby Names Meaning "BLACK"

Find out list of baby names meaning "BLACK". These names are originated from Irish, Vietnamese, English, Hindu, Egyptian, French, African, Native American, German, Spanish, Persian, Hawaiian and Indian background.

- CIARA: Irish female name means Black and Mysterious
- HUYEN: Vietnamese female name means Jet Black
- JETTA: English female name means Black Gem
- KALLI: Hindu female name means Energy, Black Goddess
- KANIKA: Egyptian female name means Black
- KEIRA: Irish female name means Black Haired
- MALISE: Irish female name means Black, Dark
- MERLE: French female name means Blackbird
- MONTSHO: African female name means Black
- RAVEN: English female name means Blackbrid
- CHOGAN: Native American male name means Blackbird
- CORBETT: Latin male name means Black Raven
- JETT: English male name means Jet Black Gem
- KASS: German male name means Blackbird
- MONTENEGRO: Spanish male name means Black Mountain
- SIYAVASH: Persian male name means Owner of Black Horses
- GUADALUPE: Spanish unisex name means River of Black Stones
- KEIR: Irish unisex name means Black
- MAULI: Hawaiian unisex name means Black
- ADHAM : Indian male name means Black
- KALIMA : Indian female name means Blackish Kalima
- SHEHLA : Indian female name means "dark brown, almost black, (goats eye) " Shehla

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