Baby Names Meaning "BEAR"

Find out list of baby names meaning "BEAR". These names are originated from Native American, German, French, Greek, Biblical, Scandinavian, Irish, Slavic, French and more background.

- AVONACO: Native American female name means Lean Bear
- BERNADINE: German female name means Brave as a Bear
- BRAVE: French female name means As a Bear
- CHRISTINA: Greek female name means Christ-Bearer
- DALILA: Greek female name means Water Bearer
- EVA: Greek/Biblical female name means Evangelina Bearer of Good News, Giver of Life
- KRISALYN: American female name means Beautiful Bearer of Christ
- KRISTA: Scandinavian female name means Christ Bearer
- KRISTEN: Irish female name means Christ-Bearer
- KRISTINA: Slavic female name means Christ Bearer
- KRISTINE: Greek female name means Christ-Bearer
- KRISTY: Greek female name means Christ-Bearer
- URSA: Scandinavian female name means Bear
- URSALA: Greek female name means Little Bear
- URSULA: Scandinavian female name means Female Bear
- VANGIE: Greek female name means Bearer of Good News.
- ALGERNON: French male name means Bearded
- ARTAN: Irish male name means Little Bear
- BARRETT: German male name means Strong as a Bear
- BERNARD: French male name means Bold as a Bear
- BJORN: Scandinavian male name means Bear
- CHRISTOFFER: Scandinavian male name means Bearer of Christ
- CHRISTOPHER: Greek male name means Christ-Bearer
- CRUZ: Spanish male name means The Cross Bearer
- HUSLU: Native American male name means Hairy Bear
- KRISTOPHER: Greek male name means Christbearer
- MAHON: Irish male name means Bear
- MOLIMO: Native American male name means Bear Walking Into Shade
- ORSIN: Latin male name means Bear
- ORSON: Latin male name means A Bear
- OSBORN: Scandinavian male name means Bear of God
- OSBOURNE: Scandinavian male name means Born from a Bear
- TURI: Spanish male name means Bear
- VERNADOS: Greek male name means Courage of a Bear
- BERNADETTE: French female name means Form Of Bernadine, Which Means Brave As A Bear
- AQUARIUS: Latin unisex name means Tthe Water Bearer
- BERNE: French unisex name means Bold as a Bear
- ESPEN: Scandinavian unisex name means God Bear
- KRIS: Scandinavian unisex name means Christ-Bearer
- KRISTIAN: Scandinavian unisex name means Christ Bearer
- KUMA: Japanese unisex name means Bear
- OBERON: German unisex name means Bear Heart
- PALMER: English unisex name means Palm Bearer, Peacemaker
- SHAURAV : Indian male name means Bear
- TALYA : Indian female name means Reach bearer Talya
- URSULA : Indian female name means Little bear Ursula

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