Baby Names Meaning "BATTLE"

- GUDRUN: Scandinavian female name means Battler
- HEDDA: German female name means From Hedwig-Refuge In Battle
- HEDWIG: German female name means Refuge In Battle
- LONA: English female name means Lioness, Ready for Battle
- SHAMARA: Persian female name means Ready for Battle
- TYRA: Scandinavian female name means God of Battle
- TYRONICA: American female name means Goddess of Battle
- XIOMARA: Spanish female name means Ready for Battle
- CATHAL: Irish male name means Mighty Battle
- CHAD: English male name means Battle, Warrior
- GARFIELD: English male name means Battlefield
- GARRISON: English male name means Troops In Battle
- HILLIARD: German unisex name means Guardian In Battle
- SAMARJEET : Indian male name means Winner of the battle


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