Baby Names Meaning "PRESENT"

Find out list of baby names which mean "PRESENT". These names for males and females originated from Japanese, Spanish, Irish, biblical and Indian background.

- IMA: Japanese female name meaning Presently
- PRESENCIA: Spanish female name meaning Presence
- DARIN: Irish male name meaning Precious Present
- ZAVAD: Biblical male name meaning Present
- BIRAJ : Indian male name meaning To have a presence; to know one's self
- SHASHWAT : Indian male name meaning Permanent; One who never dies/ always present

List of popular songs inspired by word "present":

1. Back Into The Present : singer: Eloy
2. Mary's Present : singer: The Men They Couldt Hang
3. Present Tense : singer: Pearl Jam
4. The Monkees Present Radio Promo : singer: Monkees
5. The Present Age : singer: Evol
6. The Present Tense Tureen : singer: Moxy Fruvous

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