Baby Names Meaning "MESSENGER"

Find out list of baby names which mean "MESSENGER". These names for males and females originated from Greek, Spanish, Hawaiian, Biblical, American, Persian, and African background.

- ANGELA: Greek female name meaning Angel, Messenger
- ANJELITA: Spanish female name meaning Heavenly Messenger
- AULANI: Hawaiian female name meaning King's Messenger
- ERELAH: Biblical female name meaning Holy Messenger
- BUD: American male name meaning Messenger, Friend
- MALACHI: Biblical male name meaning My Messenger
- NUNCIO: Italian male name meaning Messenger
- RASUL: African male name meaning Messenger
- SOROUSH: Persian male name meaning Messenger
- TUPAC: African male name meaning Warrior, Messenger

List of popular songs inspired by word "messenger":

1. Messenger Of The U.w. (second Act) : singer: Alastis
2. The Wicked Messenger : singer: Bob Dylan
3. Kill The Messenger : singer: Colvin Shawn
4. The Messenger : singer: Elton John
5. Wicked Messenger : singer: Faces
6. The Messenger : singer: Fleshcrawl
7. The Messenger : singer: Inxs
8. The Messenger : singer: Krayzie Bone
9. Messenger Boy : singer: Moore Christy
10. Instant Messenger : singer: Muse
11. Instant Messenger (pink Ego Box) : singer: Muse
12. The Messenger : singer: Tea Party

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