Baby Names Meaning "LONG"

Find out list of baby names which mean "LONG". These names for males and females originated from Italian, French, African, Japanese, Slavic, Persian, English, Greek, Latin, Armenian, Biblical and Indian background.

- ALDA: Italian female name meaning Long Lived
- HISA: Japanese female name meaning Long Lasting
- KAYIN: African female name meaning Long-Awaited Child
- RAYYA: Persian female name meaning No Longer Thirsty
- TRESS: English female name meaning Long Hair
- BITON: African male name meaning Born After Long Wait
- CAESAR: Greek male name meaning Long-Haired
- CESAR: Latin male name meaning Long Haired
- FAXON: German male name meaning Long Haired
- JURO: Japanese male name meaning Long Life
- LONG: Chinese male name meaning Dragon
- SPIKE: American male name meaning Long, Heavy Nail
- OKAPI: African unisex name meaning Animal with Long Neck
- AAYUSHI : Indian female name meaning One with long life Aayushi
- ASEELAH : Indian female name meaning One belonging to a great heritage and family Aseelah
- AYUSH : Indian male name meaning Long Lived
- AYUSHI : Indian female name meaning Long Life Ayushi
- OMAR : Indian male name meaning Life; long living
- OMEIR : Indian male name meaning Long living

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