Baby Names Meaning "KNOWLOEDGE"

Find out list of baby names which mean "KNOWLOEDGE". These names used for females, originated from Hindu, Biblical, Persian, and Indian background.

- MINDA: Hindu female name meaning Knowledge
- SOPHIA: Biblical female name meaning Knowledge
- ARIF: Persian male name meaning Knowledgeable
- BAQER: Persian male name meaning Man of Knowledge
- GYAN: Hindu male name meaning Knowledge
- MANJIT: Hindu male name meaning Conqueror of Knowledge
- AARIF : Indian male name meaning Acquainted; Knowledgable
- AGAMYA : Indian female name meaning Knowledge; Wisdom Agamya
- AHD : Indian female name meaning "Pledge, Knowledge" Ahd
- GIAN : Indian male name meaning Master of knowledge; Apostle of knowledge
- SHRESTAJNA : Indian male name meaning Top knowledge*
- SRUTHI : Indian female name meaning "Hearing,knowledge of vedas" Sruthi
- SUDHINDRA : Indian male name meaning Lord of knowledge
- VINEET : Indian male name meaning Knowledgeable
- VINITA : Indian female name meaning Knowledge; modest; venus Vinita

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